A close-up with Chris Villanueva, founder of MB2 Dental.

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Dr. Chris Villanueva the founder of MB2 Dental practices dentistry, he is passionate about providing the best services in the dentistry industry, Villanueva aims at helping other dentists by equipping them with the knowledge that will ensure they give the best to their clients. The dental firm is established in different states across the country and has almost 500 employees.An up-close with Steve Villanueva reveals how the idea to establish MD2 Dental came about and some of the things that have helped shape him into the person he is today. After graduating from dental school, Chris had two options, to either join a place where he could practice his skills as a dentist his second option was to start his own business which would help not only other dentists but patients. Chris decided to trust his instincts and start his own business.

One way Dr. Chris has succeeded in making his life productive is by surrounding himself with smart people, advice from his mentor taught him not to be the most intelligent person in the room and this has helped grow his skills tremendously learning from other people is crucial for one’s growth. Also as the CEO Chris believes for everyone around you to be productive, it is essential to give people their space and allow them to execute their duties.To achieve your dreams, there is always a habit that distinguishes you from other people, one such practice for Dr. Chris is not taking himself too seriously, that might sound like a joke but no.

According to Chris not taking himself too seriously has helped him allow a free culture where people can talk honestly about their work and how they feel not engrossed with the idea that he is the primary decision maker has also helped employees to relate freely with him.One thing that Chris is never weary of doing over and over is self-reflection, he recommends this to everyone giving oneself time to reflect helps you appreciate life and things happening around you. As a businessman, Chris believes that one thing that has contributed significantly to his success is building his business on people and not structures. Having the right personnel has gone a great way in ensuring his success.
Learn More About Him : https://medium.com/@drchrisvillanueva