Aloha Construction Protects Your Property from Storms

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Aloha Construction is a privately-held general contractor. The firm was established in 2008 and is based in Illinois. It serves the local communities as well as the southern Wisconsin area. The company boasts of more than seven thousand completed projects in the locality. Aloha Construction has quickly grown from a small firm to become an influential contractor in the region. The company prides itself on delivering exceptional service and safety.

Aloha Construction is committed to quality construction. It achieves this by building strong relationships with various stakeholders. This includes the customers, subcontractors and insurance and corporate agents. The company maintains high standards of excellence & customer satisfaction. There is a powerful harmony between the office, sales and service teams. The technical crews are highly trained and go through rigorous certification to ensure a high quality of service.

The company helps you process your insurance claims. Additionally, Aloha Construction gives you a guarantee of ten years during which they undertake any arising repairs to give you peace of mind.

Dave Farbaky serves as the CEO and President. He has guided the company to greater heights of success through inspired leadership. He is passionate about philanthropy and supports local communities through The Dave Farbaky Foundation.

Aloha Construction operates from Lake Zurich and Bloomington in Illinois. The company specializes in remodeling aspects such as roofing, siding, gutters, general property maintenance, and remodeling. It is also involved in new construction projects from concept to commissioning. It is the ideal partner for reconstruction and recovery in emergencies.

Aloha Construction employs a comprehensive inspection routine. This discovery process determines the project requirements and guides the action plan to restore the integrity of your property. The company is adept at handling gutter and downspout systems before they turn into costly repairs. A well-maintained home ensures the comfort and safety of the occupants. It enables you to avoid the adverse effects of water and mold damage to your property.


Boraie – Central Jersey Working Moms!

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Big Ambitions and Bigger Buildings

Omar Boraie is one of those rare visionary businessmen who are capable of looking into a crystal ball, metaphorically speaking, and see what the future holds in his chosen field. Omar is a real estate developer who helped change the skyline of New Brunswick, New Jersey. He saw some old rundown buildings nearly 40 years ago and began dreaming. He dreamt of demolishing them and replacing them with residential and commercial buildings. He kept hanging on to that dream until one fine day he bought up all the old buildings. Everyone around him thought he was out of his mind, but he is in the process of proving the naysayers wrong.

According to Central Jersey Working Moms, the first high-rise was aptly named Tower 1 and he built it in the 1980’s followed by tower 2 which was built in the 1990’s. The towers were just the start of things to come. He quickly set about work on a residential complex, including condominiums and deluxe amenities. Apart from residential space, commercial and office space was also built. This building eventually became the tallest building in New Brunswick with 25 stories. Now, all of the skeptics have turned 180 degrees and support Mr. Boraie.

Sam Boraie was born in Egypt and came to the US to study science. While working on his P.H.D in chemistry, he got bitten by the real estate bug. He was fascinated with the business and how it operated and then finally decided to join it and never looked back. He took the big step and started a real estate company and named it Boraie Development LLC. The company has expanded and along the way started to offer other services such as property management, sales, and marketing and of course. There are a lot of real-estate companies out there, but what sets Boraie apart from the rest is their uncompromising attitude towards all things real estate. For example, they work with financial institutions known to be strong, architects who are talented and willing to try something different and competent contractors. You can visit Central Jersey Working Moms for more info.

This attitude towards doing business has served the company well. In fact, it has gained the attention of people from all types of backgrounds, including celebrities. New Brunswick has gone from being a rundown little town to a sophisticated city with all of the comforts you would expect from a place like that. And Boraie Development has been there every step of the way doing its part to make it happen.