History and Globalization of White Shark Media

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White Shark Media is globally recognized as the fasted growing digital marketing agency. The company is found in Northern America and is widely known for its cost-effective engineering search marketing campaigns. The company offers its marketing services to the international market as a one-time boutique agency. The company hold an impressive portfolio in its operations.

For the record, White Shark Media has helped several business in northern America to grow by exhaustively utilizing specialized online marketing tactics. White Shark Media has equally exposed this companies to the global market using their proprietary marketing tools. Besides business marketing, White Shark Media has continually raised its bar by educating the public on the market through their interactive blog.

In 2014, White Shark Media entered into a premier AdWord partnership with Google. Within the same year, the company also entered into another Ads Elite SMB partnership with Bing. White Shark Media has experienced massive growth and expansion in the recent past. As a result, the company settled to build state-of-the-art facility covering 6,000 square meters to manage the rapidly growth rate. The latter developments in the company enabled it to join the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing companies in the United States of America.

The primary focus of White Shark Media is online marketing solutions for small and medium-sized firms. The success at the company results from close relationship with clients and other services such as, Google Analytics integration, proprietary reporting software, competitive intelligence, and keyword-level call tracking.

White Shark Media was first established in 2011 by three successful Danish entrepreneurs. The three was highly experienced in both online and offline marketing and had a clear goal of conquering SMB market both in the United States and the world. The company later gained popularity both locally and internationally because of its competent and bilingual employee base.

Find out more about White Shark Media: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/white-shark-media#/entity

Why White Shark Media Is The Right Choice For Your Advertising Campaigns

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To ensure outstanding results, smart business owners count on an advertising agency to establish an ad campaign. If you want to get good results with your PPC advertising, it is imperative that you contact White Shark Media for campaign management.


White Shark Media is a recommended PPC management organization that provides advertising services to companies that advertise online using Bing PPC Ads or Google AdWords. The company has provided services for years and is focused on delivering a reliable and efficient advertising management service for enterprises, particularly small and mid-sized firms.


This advertising agency has offices in Atlanta, GA, Miami, FL, Denmark, Scandinavia and Nicaragua, Central America. White Shark Media. With low setup charges, no contracts and no cancellation charges, White Shark Media works by following a concept that their client’s beneficial results should also lead to their becoming successful and not before.


Their pay per click advertising and marketing services place your website on top of first page on search engines to show your ads at the right time to the ideal people when they are searching for the search phrase you intend to target.


By tying your Pay Per Click campaign to details landing pages, you will certainly have the ability to figure out which campaigns are benefiting you and where you could have to make adjustments.


Another essential component of their formula for success is tracking all their clients’ advertising and marketing initiatives in wonderful information. With keyword-level call tracking, Google Analytics integration, affordable knowledge as well as proprietary reporting software application, they make sure that they are totally answerable to all their clients on a monthly basis.


White Shark Media is dedicated to their customers’ continued success. This is why they intend to be ingenious with their cost-efficient, flat-fee advertising and marketing solutions with full transparency.