Dr. Jennifer Walden Earns Her Spot On The Executive

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During the Aesthetic Meeting held this year, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) elected new board members and among them was Dr. Jennifer Walden. Dr. Jennifer was elected to be the Secretary of ASAPS Executive Committee. Apart from being the first female to be elected on board the Executive team, she also doubles up as ASAPS Commissioner of communication. This current position she held before her election involved overseeing all communication-based activities for ASAPS.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has received national recognition for her apprehensive knowledge of her patients’ background, aside from the fact of her well vast expertise, skill and experience in plastic cosmetic surgery. Her expertise was acquired in the famously known Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital which is based in New York.

Dr. Jennifer Walden also founded Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Centre, a fully accredited center that deals in a wide range of services such as breast augmentation, laser resurfacing, skin tightening, hair removal. Liposuction, just to mention but a few. The accredited center owns state of the art equipment that enables patients to get a clear picture of the results before they go through the whole treatment process using state of the art 3D imaging technology.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been a member of the Aesthetic Society since the year 2008, apart from being part of the Aesthetic Society, she is also privileged to be part of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. In the years 2016 and 2017, she was granted recognition as among Castle Connely’s Top Doctors. ASAPS is regarded as a global pacesetter in matters related to cosmetic medicine and aesthetic plastic surgery of the body, including the face. The society has more than 2600 certified surgeons all around the world. All their members are certified by accredited certification boards in their respective countries with the ones from the US getting their certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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Dr. Saad Saad: Doctor of the Palestinian People

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Dr. Saad Saad has become one of the most inspirational people this year. He recently conducted a medical mission, tagging along with him several high ranking officials of Palestine and a massive number of supporters and colleagues who are also coming with him during his missions. As a kid, he never realized that he would become a surgeon in the future. His brothers have continually encouraged him to become an engineer, but the hellish temperature in Kuwait is causing him to think twice. He then realized that one of his siblings work as a doctor, working in an air-conditioned environment. He told his parents that he would like to follow in the footsteps of his sibling who became a doctor, shunning the suggestions of his older brothers to pursue their suit and become an engineer.



After his parents gave their approval to the plans of the young Saad Saad, he started to enroll himself at a local pre-medical school in Kuwait. He studied for a few years, and when he graduated from the local school, he decided to go on and leave his family in Kuwait to study in Cairo, Egypt. He attended the Cairo University, and he was considered as a bright student back there. He would study hard each night, leaving his friends to socialize outside. For him, studying is more important, and he had to keep his grades high. In the end, he was the salutatorian of his class, and his parents are proud of what he has achieved.



After he studied in Egypt, he had to go to the United Kingdom to become an intern for an English hospital. He worked hard to finish the program, and he gained his professional license after he graduated from being an intern. He went back to his family in Kuwait, and as he was spending some time with his family, he saw a promotion persuading the people to travel to the United States. He had to take an exam in Lebanon which would determine his future if he can live in the United States or not. Dr. Saad Saad answered all of the questions carefully, and when he looked for the results, he was surprised to see that he passed and he could now go to the United States to emigrate. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/drsaadsaad12



Why living in the United States, he decided to take up two courses that would hone his skills in surgery. He took up a certification in pediatric surgery, and another one in general surgery. He mastered these practices and received a certification for it. One day, his close friend and mentor Dr. H. Biemann Othersen, advised him that Palestine needs the assistance of people like him. He was inspired by his friend to travel to Palestine, and it changed his world forever.


Mark Mofid is Revolutionizing Plastic Surgery for the Better

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Dr. Mark Mofid is based out of San Diego, California. He has worked on gluteal augmentation procedures in collaboration with Dr. Raul Gonzalez from Brazil to develop an implant that is safer and to which the body responds better to as a whole. These implants prevent sagging and are on the cutting edge of gluteal augmentation surgery especially in the popular Brazilian method.

Mark Mofid also has a concern for his clientele and those seeking plastic surgery worldwide. Many seek any way to increase their attractiveness. Mark Mofid wants to perhaps only take it one step at a time and not make drastic changes that will affect the client’s health, especially with working on the face. He also wants this idea of a more wholesome practice to become more widespread worldwide, and with less focus on the financial aspect of surgery. He caters to the health of the client, and works with the client’s needs to develop a reasonable game plan for surgery that wont be altogether too invasive for the individual to handle all at once. He considers both the psychological as well as physical restrictions and needs of each individual client.

Mark Mofid worked on this new gluteal augmentation product for eight years of his life before it was finally released. Dr. Mark Mofid is slowly and surely reimaginating the world of plastic surgery on many levels through both his principles and practices.

Overall, Mark Mofid may be considered an innovator, if not one of the most trusted names in plastic surgery, at least in Southern California. He has helped many individuals live more fulfilling lives through his practices. His client relationships and professional etiquette of consideration for the client’s health has influenced the way other doctors have approached the invasive aspects and potential risks of plastic surgery altogether. For this we must be genuinely thankful.