Major Dog Food Lines Looking to Capitalize on Premium Dog Food Market

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The dog food market in recent years has been taking a turn toward premium dog food, despite the concerns of investors over stock prices and the value of companies such as Fresh Pet. These concerns have done little to nothing to deter companies, such as Purina, from jumping feet first into the premium dog food market.

Purina, like several other major dog food companies, have seen their chance to grow profits and have introduced multiple lines of premium dog food, such as their Beneful line. Beneful promises real ingredients, such as chicken or beef, blended with a variety of vegetables and greens to promote the overall health of your favorite pooch.

Beneful isn’t a solo act though; Purina also offers other products in the field of healthy, premium dog food, like their Bright Minds food. Bright Minds is specifically formulated for senior dogs in order to promote a healthy lifestyle and a healthy mind.

In order to solidify their premium lines, including Beneful dog food products, Purina acquired Merrick Pet Care in July of 2015. Merrick Pet Care was the first certified producer of organic dry and wet dog food and is now a part of Purina’s efforts to produce these healthier Beneful premium dog food lines.

Purina isn’t the only major maker of pet food looking to increase their profits in the premium dog food market, though. J.M Smucker Co purchased the Big Heart Brands company for a whopping total of $5.8 billion, and other brands, such as Mars Petcare and Colgate-Palmolive, have launched healthy dog food lines.

In a market worth $23.7 billion, it comes as little surprise that major companies are willing to spend a little money in order to get their feet in the door of the premium dog food market.