Beneful Dog Food – Best Quality Dog Foods

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Since dogs cannot choose their food, we have to make sure that we make the right choices for them. There are many benefits associated with the practice of feeding your dog quality food. Today, Beneful dog food stands as one of the best that you can shop. At your convenience, you can get it from one of the Walmart stores either online or on the shelf.

Walmart prices dog food according to type and weight. According, you will get various types that are pricey than others. For instance, Beneful dry dog food such as Purina Beneful IncrediBites for small dogs with real beef weight about 15.5 lb sell for $13.98. On the other hand, wet food such as the 10-ounce Beneful’s Savory Rice & Lamb Stew sells for $15.34.

All the same, customers can take advantage of Beneful coupons to use at Walmart for them to save some money. There is quite an array of different Beneful dog food products that you can shop at Walmart and benefit from the discounts.


Beneful Healthy Weight Dog Food Sold At Walmart

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Is your dog a little bit overweight or does it have a problem gaining weight? Then Beneful might be right for your dog. Beneful sells a dog food called Beneful Healthy Weight that was designed for dogs who are either overweight or who have trouble gaining weight to eat daily and maintain a healthy weight. Not only does it help does to maintain a healthy weight like a lot of the other dog foods out there but it also tastes better to dogs than its competitor’s recipes. Beneful Healthy Weight dog food can be found at Walmart at a money saving price so that you don’t have to spend a fortune for it. Beneful Healthy Weight dog food can be found in many different size bags. There is a 3.5lb, 6.3lb, 13lb, 15.5lb, and a 31.1lb bag available to customers. Beneful dog food is made with real chicken to keep your dog not only at a healthy weight but also happy with what they are eating. Not only will they be happy about what they are eating but so will you as their owner because you know what is truly in their dog food. Beneful healthy weight dog food costs around 6 dollars for the smallest 3.5lb bag and around 27 dollars for the biggest 31.1lb bag. Beneful not only can be bought at Walmart but Walmart offers convenient ways to pick up your dog food. You can either order Beneful dog food from Walmart’s website and pick it up the same day in store or you can order it on their website and have it shipped to your home within 2 days of ordering it for free. If you decide to pick Beneful up at Walmart on a regular grocery shopping trip you can use any Beneful manufacturers coupons you may have received in the mail to make your total less money.


Beneful Understands a Dog’s Natural Tastes

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It can be easy to forget how closely related the family pet is to a wolf. A dog’s mind is far more gentle than his wild kin. But his stomach and sense of taste are surprisingly similar. Oddly enough, most dog food companies don’t take that into consideration when designing new recipes.

But that’s also why so many dog owners have unwavering loyalty to dog food companies like Beneful. Beneful is constantly looking for new ways to make dogs happy and healthy. One of their most popular new recipes has been a hit specifically because it’s so well suited to a dog’s tastes. The biggest improvement is that grains are totally absent from the recipe. This makes Beneful’s grain free options a close match for what canines would eat in the wild. A wolf running through the woods isn’t going to be very tempted by grains. Nor would he get much nutritional value from grains if he did find some to chew on. It’s meat and vegetables that canines really crave.

Of course the quality of Beneful’s ingredients are far better than most wolves could ever hope for. The base of fresh meats such as chicken are held to the highest standards. Wild canines also get healthy fresh vegetables on occasion. Beneful Walmart has kept that in mind too and includes those delicious and nutritious plants in the grain free recipes.