Khloe and Lamar Drama

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Lamar Odom has not been on the radar for over a year, it even seems that he has been laying low to avoid dealing with his divorce and who could blame him considering the fact that he’s still in love with his wife and after coming down off of an apparent drug binge he still is scrambling to put the pieces together about what exactly went wrong Amen Clinic reports (

It is easy to feel a little bad for Lamar these days, nothing has been going right for him and the one person who loved him unconditionally is slipping away as the days pass on. Khloe initially was the only one fighting for her marriage, at one point all she did was try to track down Lamar and insist on him getting help. Now Khloe isn’t putting forth the same effort and Lamar is trying to convince her that he is ready to do whatever he has to do to keep her as his wife.

Khloe and Lamar aren’t back together but sources have said that they are talking and being civil, also it’s been reported that Khloe nor Lamar have made any moves in regards to their supposed impending divorce, and the judge says if they don’t move in it soon it will be dismissed. Will the Odom’s work it out or are they just dragging their feet?