Bernardo Chua Finds Favor With Coffee Drinkers

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A good number of people have heard of the gourmet coffee that is produced by OrganoGold, but many people may not know Bernardo Chua. He is the CEO behind the company, and it is his vision that has made it possible for him to build up a coffee that the world is buzzing about.

The majority of people that have been looking for coffee will be thrilled to know that Chua has worked hard to get his vision of premium coffee to the market. He chose the best coffee beans and built a brand that had interesting ingredients that promoted healthy living.

Bernardo Chua didn’t have to pursue this. He could have easily gone with a brand similar to what was already on the market. What has made the brand thrive is the unique spin that he put on it. His marketing skills have become quite strong when it comes to marketing this unique coffee that has been placed in the coffee shops and Mom & Pop stores around the world.

Bernardo Chua was thinking big when he decided to market this brand. He was also masterful in making sure that the brand was profitable. He would do this by engaging in the direct selling. This would prove to be more profitable and less expensive to sell this way.

Chua really became a master of the international gourmet coffee because he had such a stronghold on the industry. He has produced a brand of coffee that is unlike anything else that is out there, and he knows that he has a dominant brand. He is able to control the flow of his products because is aware of the effects of the supply and demand. He knows how the products are moving, and he can speed up or slow down production accordingly. This has made him one of the more successful gourmet coffee leaders.

Chua has become the leader that has managed to elevated his brand. He has taken it upon himself to build the brand and promote it in a way that makes people curious. Healthy coffee was unheard of, but Bernardo has made it a new standard.

The New Jersey real estate market looks for a stronger future

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As the global stock markets and real estate industry has slowly returned to financial good health the real estate markets of New Jersey have largely remained in a 2006 slump. Realty Today explains the still shrinking new Jersey markets have very few bright spots as a low population level and lack of investment since 2006 have seen prices stall and foreclosure rates remain above eight percent. One bright spot on the horizon is the Boraie Development LLC led the redevelopment of New Brunswick, which has taken company leader Omar Boraie more than four decades to complete, but is now reaping major rewards.

Experts believe New Jersey should be a shining star in the US real estate industry because of its close proximity to New York and the low population levels that allow the chance for development to take place. However, New Jersey remains stranded by high property taxes and a lack of industrial investment that has seen the real estate market so far fail to escape the problems first encountered in 2006. Boraie Development led New Brunswick redevelopment has seen abandoned buildings turned into housing developments and shopping facilities. In fact, New Brunswick has been inspired by the downtown areas of New York and used this model to become one of the few areas of economic growth in the state.

New Jersey has faced a large number of problems in recent years, which have added to the problems with the real estate market. However, the real estate market in New Jersey has always been hampered by the low level of population growth that remains under the national average across the US. Developments like those led by Omar Boraie in New Brunswick are showing how changing the way areas within New Jersey are viewed can have a positive effect on the New Jersey real estate market long into the future.