Christian Broda and the Vital Areas of Economics

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The Roles of the Economist
The economic professional has a large role in the world of social science and economics. The entire field of economics has several sub-fields within it. These sub-fields will include:
*the overall economic policies
*the philosophical theories
*financial statement analysis
*economic science
*mathematical science
The professional economist has numerous roles to play and there is much to be covered in the overall field of economics. These are a sample of the sub-fields that are included in the field of economics. The professional economist will have a role in the following areas. There are three main roles that the professional economist will be involved in. These include:
*Government Economist; this will involve international and national data in the area of policy development. This involves interpreting, analyzing, and accumulating this necessary data.

*Academic Economist; this professional will be involved in conducting researches at universities and colleges and will forecast and analyze this data. A PhD is typically required.

*Business Economist; this involves that analyzing and forecasting of the different aspects of the overall economy of the various markets

Monitoring Economic Situations
Economics greatly impacts our lives in many ways on a daily basis. It is vital to have the economic situations monitored. Economic growth needs to be measured and monitored. A nation will monitor a large number of statistics. This will lead to the knowledge and measurement of the economic growth. This includes the measurement of equity and distribution. The monitoring of all
economic situations involves many aspects. These may include:
*future output
*monetary policy
*the overall condition
*the indicators
*global trends
These are just a sample of the economic situations that must be monitored by the professional economist. The economist will play a vital role in the lives of many.

Professor Christian Broda
Professor Christian Broda has much experience and a lengthy history within the world of economics. This is an individual who is also a visionary. He is a professional in the financial area and planning. Professor Broda is the Managing Director at Duquesne Capital Management in New York, New York. This is an individual who is well versed in the many areas of economics. He is a respected professional economist with a vital role to play.