The Kabbalah Centre and the Recognition of the Self

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The secular world often teaches selfishness. Among the concepts that are championed is the idea of self esteem, self love, and other concepts that are related. While it is good to feel good about oneself, secular society takes it way to far, and their approach does nothing to improve the sense of self worth. For one thing, society tries to tell people to be exclusive and to stay in a bubble while other people suffer. Secular world also tells people to gain all of the material wealth they can get. However, this lifestyle turns out to be empty for those who achieve this. Fortunately, there is an alternative as taught by The Kabbalah Centre.

The Kabbalah Centre helps people achieve a deeper spiritual fulfillment that they often miss from the world. They teach many different concepts such as the concept of the ego. The Kabbalah teaches that the ego is the force that is driving all the selfishness. It is that one voice that tells people to just focus on today’s pleasures with little regard to consequences. This often gets people in trouble in a multitude of ways. As a result, people often live pleasurably empty lives.

The biggest thing that ego tells us is that others are separate. However, The Kabbalah Centre is here to get rid of that teaching and show the truth of reality. The truth is that people are connected and that if one person is hurting, then it affects everyone. This part is hinted at in the bible. One thing that The Kabbalah Centre tries to teach is to take control of one’s life away from the ego and live for the greater good which is being good to one another. People are more likely to act in service when they are working from a higher consciousness of connection.

Keith Mann: The Man with a Helping Heart

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Keith Mann has done a lot of good things in his entire life. The good thing about his gestures is that they are aimed at making the community better. Some of his actions of kindness include starting a scholarship under his name and also feeding the police twice after they were attacked by the public. Keith Mann supported the police by sending them lunch a few months ago. Some people believe that he made this gesture as he has a relative working for the police department as a detective. While sending the lunch, Keith Mann released a press statement acknowledging that there are better ways of expressing our disappointments rather than attacking the people who guard us. Instead, they should be thanked and shown support.


Keith has been with the executive search industry for one and a half decade and has specialized in several areas such as the hiring strategies, staffing, and even compensation. For this period, he has served in the position of managing director of a firm called Dynamic Executive Search. He has enjoyed good spells with this firm such as launching the Alternative Investment Practice in this firm 14 years ago. This came at a time when the hedge fund industry was making huge revenues for investors. Some few years later, he introduced another venture in this firm dealing with the private equity. Keith Mann has been working with clients from all over the globe. He has customers from Asia, North America, and even Europe. On a normal year, he serves approximately 200 high profile clients.


Keith Mann is known to support the education sector within the New York area. He has a scholarship under his name called the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This is a program that targets student with the potential of being good leaders but can’t make it to college due to financial constraints. The scholarships qualifications are very clear and simple as they require the aspirant to write an essay that should be a 1000 word long. The essay should also explain why one feels the scholarship will impact on their lives for the better.