Ryan Seacrest – A Diverse And Prominent Icon In The Entertainment Industry

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When it comes to describing the meaning of being diverse in business, Ryan Seacrest can be used as a good example. He is known to be the most hardworking and the busiest man in Holy wood. He has such a remarkable reputation in the entertainment industry. His interest in the industry started when he was young back in school to the extent that he used to listen to radio presentations and news anchors and could begin imitating them because all he tried to do was to make big imaginations like he was the one presenting. Luckily enough, due to his hard work and consistency in his commitment, he was able to turn his interest into a career which has made him a prominent icon in the entertainment industry.

For many years, Ryan Seacrest, the TV and radio show host, had been serving as a prominent host in the American Idol until the FOX canceled it. It is after then he was given a great opportunity by one of his longtime friends known as Kelly Ripa invited him to be a host in his talk live show on ABC. Upon acceptance of Ryan Seacrest on offer, Kelly Ripa changed the name of her show to Live on Kelly and Ryan show.

According to nytimes.com, Ryan Seacrest’s hard work and commitment were once depicted when the Live on Kelly and Ryan show was holding an appearance as well as American Idol who were holding their sixteenth season reboot. The two shows were to happen during the same day, and Ryan was invited to be the host on America Idol show as well as the Live with Kelly and Ryan show. People wondered how he could multitask on hosting both shows but surprisingly he did it, and nothing went astray on both sides.

Besides, Ryan Seacrest is also an investor. He has a number of his ventures since he believes in using his resources in the best ways to yield him more income. He owns the New Distinction Menswear Company which is one of the fastest growing companies in the fashion industry. Also, he and his family founded the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which is a radio channel that is aimed at promoting healing to children in the hospital.

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A Word About The Chainsmokers’ New Hit, “Sick Boy”

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It’s hard to believe that the producer/DJ duo of the Chainsmokers, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart have been the in spotlight for only a couple of years. They’ve made quite a name for themselves during that time with several of their hits, including “Roses”, “Something Just Like This”, and “Bad Blood”. Ever since their debut two years ago, they have been under enormous pressure for them to keep re-inventing themselves and churn out at least six new tunes to keep up with EDM and the Top 40. Fortunately, it was something that Pall and Taggart could pull off quite easily. They recently launched a new single called “Sick Boy”.

Taggart remarked that by the time “Sick Boy” came along, they had gone nine months without producing a new one, which is very unusual for them. He and Pall prefer to stay extremely current with the music that they crank out. Taggart also stated that he and Pall prefer to act as reflective voices of their generation and that they made “Sick Boy” darker because they feel that that’s the current overall mood of greater society.

However, Taggart also stated that “Sick Boy” is a result of him and Pall feeling frustrated over the fact that most of their fans don’t really get to know them except through the work that they do. He said that “Sick Boy” also acts as the voice of the frustration that he and Pall couldn’t easily describe.

When the Chainsmokers started out in 2012, it originally consisted of former DJ Rhett Bixler and Pall. However, when the Chainsmokers was reformed with EDM under Adam Alpert’s management, Pall was introduced to a Syracuse University student and intern at Interscope Records, Drew Taggart. By that time, Taggart had been experimenting with producing songs on SoundCloud. When Bixler decided to leave, Taggart took his place and left Maine to stay in New York City. From there, they experimented with remixes of indie bands and their first major collaboration was with recording artist Priyanka Chopra on their single, “Erase”. The duo has been going pretty much nonstop ever since.


What Alex Pall Looks Forward To

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You can look at what’s currently happening in the world of music and not see the Chainsmokers. Everyone knows who they are and what they’ve done. Many people can look at it and see the inspiration for themselves. There simply aren’t many people out there who have managed to produce something as amazing with the same level of work. This has allowed them to become something more impressive than what you might commonly see. There are those who want to see more of what Alex Pall and his music is about. This is the chance to have that for themselves. Nobody else is going as far as they are or doing what they have shown themselves capable of doing. That talent and the determination is how the duo have gone as far as they have.

The most amazing thing about this music producing duo is that the Chainsmokers have managed to bring this success in such amazing numbers even as others out there appear to be a new way of thinking about today’s college students. Alex Pall has risen to the top in a way that many other artists haven’t seen. That ability to go far and to see things grow is why we realize that he has what it takes to make everything work. Pall has given everything to see his music make it to the top and emerge as the favorite of so many people. That isn’t something you can brush off or simply decide to dismiss.

There are so many reasons that they have seen the success that they have and we are just beginning to understand that. People in the past have looked at what they’ve done and fully supported it. That ability is something that we just don’t see that much overall. It’s an amazing thing and it will change so much of what we know and appreciate, but this is only the beginning. There is a lot more to be seen and understood overall. This is just the beginning of what has been found to be their way of doing things for the entirety of their careers.