The Best Dog Treats For Your Pet

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Some pet owners simply treat their dog to table scraps, however, certain people food contains ingredients that are harmful to pets. When it comes to treating my dog, I want to be sure that what she is eating is healthy for her, so I search on wikipedia. That’s why I choose Beneful. Beneful understands the need to keep my pet healthy to ensure she can live a long, full life. Not only do their products give me peace of mind, but my dog enjoys them too! With so many options, she’ll always have a tasty reward waiting for her.
Healthy Smile Dental Ridges I make sure to give these beneficial treats to my pet every evening. Healthy Smile Dental Ridges promote dental health by reducing plaque and tartar buildup while stimulating the gums. Each treat comes flavored with meaty centers that my dog loves, all the while freshening her doggy breath with Parsley.
Baked Delights: Snackers These peanut butter and cheese flavored snacks are a treat my pet can never resist. Snackers are crunchy on the outside with soft centers. They come in a variety of fun shapes including carrots, apples, and pea pods.
Baked Delights: Heartfuls The desire to feed my pet treats that I enjoy becomes strong at times. There is just something about a cookie that I wish my dog could enjoy like I do. Luckily for her (and me) Heartfuls make that possible. These heart-shaped “cookies” are flavored with real bacon and have gooey apple flavored centers that are always a hit with my pet.
Beneful Baked Delights: Stars These hearty and delicious treats come in two flavors; Chicken & Cheese and Bacon & Cheese. They are the perfect treat for pets that enjoy more savory tastes. Living up to their name, each treat is star shaped and packed with meaty, cheesy flavored bits that curb my pet’s craving for table scraps.