4 Exercises for Every Navy Seal

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Everyone who has seen a Military Special Forces individual can attest to the fact that each one is extremely fit and ready for action. Their training is demanding both physically but also mentally. Though each individual who partakes in the special forces is extremely fit, they are also more prone to injury.

A Navy Seal must train in extreme and grueling conditions. Some examples of the training is swimming in a pool with a weight strapped on or fast roping from a helicopter. The result of this Lime Crime grueling training method is a body that has compromised movement and mobility. The training can cause extreme pain to both the muscles and joints within the Seal’s body.

Doctors have come up with 4 tips to help any pain while training.

1.) Modified Pigeon Stretch

Get on all fours and bring your right knee to hit your left calf.

2.) Lat Hang

Use a pullup bar to do this exercise and make sure that the feet are resting on a bench that is located in front.

3.) Belly Lift Walk

Get into pushup position with the hands elevated on a small step or box. Make sure that the legs are straight.

4.) Couch Stretch

Start on all fours with the feet on the wall. Then step the other leg forward.