Sightsavers’ Global Effort In Bettering The Quality of Life

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We all live different lives no matter the race , the religion or the creed. Health has always been one of the most important functions of life, but everyone doesn’t have access to prime healthcare. Some of the poorest countries in the world have been in need of outside help and there is one organization that has taken on the challenge. Sightsavers, an international organization that fights the loss of eyesight, has a long history of providing philanthropic services. In May 2018, this organization has been able to partner-up with some of the biggest and well-trusted charities in the world to provide premium eyecare services for the poor.

Free eye examinations for the people of Uganda has been heaven-sent. Uganda is a very underprivileged nation, and its people have definitely felt the ill effects. The older population in this specific area tend to suffer from a host of eye issues. The issues could’ve come from poor healthcare or could’ve come from eating a poor diet. Genetics also play a crucial role in the development of hereditary diseases of the eye. Sightsavers, the Ugandan government, UK Aide and the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust are working together to help the people of Uganda. This massive effort can’t be put into words, but the results have created a much better way of life for the recipients. Who can benefit from service? As of now, since there is a trend of eye diseases that are plaguing the elderly, recipients will need to be at least 65 years old.

In some special cases, the age limit will be decreased to people who are at least 60 years old. Of course, this is contingent upon the severity of the issue as well as the actual location. Sightsavers is at the pinnacle of its class, it has served Uganda for over 60 years, and it is still going strong.