Unicorn Hair Dye, Venus XL Palette And Vegan Commitment, These Things And More Are Lime Crime.

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What is bold, bright and filled with Vegan goodness? The company known as Lime Crime cosmetics. This makeup company is one of the leading makers of cosmetics that are bright, full colored and beautiful. The really awesome thing about these products is that they are vegan friendly and as a result, not tested on animals. Both of these parts of the global position are important to Lime Crime and their founder and CEO, Doe Deere. Above all else, these things are important to the vegans who want to wear makeup and not have that choice interfere or compromise their lifestyle.

Some of the most popular products are featured on the companies website and include the all new Venus XL Palette. This is an updated version of the palette that launched the company. It features eighteen brilliant shades of amazing color that is long lasting and fun to wear. It also comes with a swipe that can be used on the eyes, face and cheeks. A perfect blend of fun and excitement with the simple swipe of your makeup brush. LimeCrime creates some amazing products and they are all fun to wear and use. The Venus XL Palette is one of the most fun because it is a new take on a proved product. This makeup can be mixed with the Unicorn Hair Dye made by LimeCrime.

Using the fine products of LimeCrime you ca mix or match to create the perfect you, which can change to express your personal freedom of expression at any time. With LimeCrime cosmetics you are free to be you and wear the colors of the day that best suit the you that you are feeling. The Eyeshadow Palettes are a great start to that process. Once you are done with your eyes and your hair color, you can find a lipstick and gloss to match or clash. It is really your choice. The things you can do with the makeup offered by Lime Crime is just awesome. Keep in mind that every product you use is never tested on animals and lives up to the vegan commitment that the company is so proud of.