Fabletics: Impressive Beyond Belief

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Fabletics is an activewear that’s growing in popularity every day. To start, Fabletics is a $250 million business that sells to over one million paying members in eight countries. It’s one of the most successful branches in the TechStyle Fashion Group juggernaut. It’s also successfully opened 18 retail stores in the U.S.

Co-founded by world-famous actress Kate Hudson, Fabletics is a direct reflection of her ideals. She watched other activewear brands launch in particular ways, but they skipped over a large audience she wanted to cater to. She wanted to open a brand that sold on-trend fashion at affordable prices that all women could love wearing.

When TechSytle executives approached her about co-launching Fabletics, she jumped at the opportunity. She wanted to use the Warby Parker e-commerce model and mix it with TechStyle’s personalized service. Once complete, she finished the combination off with her own fashion sense and passion for inspiring women.

The end result was an activewear brand dedicated to getting women to embrace a healthy lifestyle while making them look good at the same time. Recently, Hudson’s dream was fully realized when the brand announced its new plus-size lines. It took a little longer, but now, all women can look and feel beautiful with Fabletics.

Most people are surprised to discover that Kate Hudson actually works at Fabletics. She isn’t just selling her face and fame with a product she doesn’t know anything about. She shows up to the Fabletics office at least once a week to go over sales numbers.

She’s very hands-on, far more than people think. She personally looks over every sales number for every product. If a product isn’t selling as well as she thinks it should, it’s taken down immediately. She also spends time working with the advertising department.

Advertising in today’s world is a lot different from it used to be. Back then, companies just told people what they sold and how much it cost. These days, consumers have more power. It’s not easy to mislead a culture that uses online reviews as a regular factor in their decision-making process.

People don’t trust traditional advertising anymore, so they rely on reviews written by fellow shoppers. Online reviews offer more honest opinions about products and services. In fact, most people trust these reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler Creation of Comfortable But Exciting Inner-wears for the Modern Women

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One the hardest choices to make when it comes to women athletic wear is whether they should go for affordable or fashionable sportswear. For a long time, the women sportswear market has had a considerable gap between functionality and fashion. The wear consumption has been at an all-time high since 2010, and when Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler realized that the trend wasn’t going to change anytime soon, they co-founded Fabletics with the aim of creating superb active wear that is affordable, functional and fashionable.

Instead of relying on the current market trends, Adam and Don focused more on what women wanted and through focus groups and consumer tests they managed to come up with some of the common problems facing the women’s sportswear industry today. According to them, most of the clothes are ill-fitting, expensive and at times garish. Therefore, it was difficult to pick on an outfit that feels and looks without having to spend a fortune.

The incorporation of Kate Hudson into their team was a game changer since most people affiliated her with the brand. She is also the spokesperson for the group and with her confident, appealing and friendly face she managed to create a good relationship with consumers, and this made it easier to connect Fabletics to the people. Until now she is dedicated to her work and focuses more on modeling the brand’s image online.

One of the distinct features that make Fabletics stand out from its competitors is the grassroots appeal and a strong online presence. With Kate’s conversational skills and charisma, they managed to market their products online surpassing the traditional retail system. Apart from online marketing, they came up with a discount pricing system where a person can sign up at the company’s website and pay a flat monthly fee of fifty dollars.

Once you are subscribed as VIP, it’s much easier to get access to discounted products. Don could not be happy with the results of his efforts and hard work to make the company an excellent destination for women who are looking for stylish, comfortable but affordable clothing. What’s more, the economics that comes with high-speed efficiency and affordable workout clothing can be functional and fun. That aside, busy women who are looking to enjoy the way they look while at the same time taking care of their health can greatly benefit from what Fabletics has to offer.

Find out more about Adam Goldenberg: http://vator.tv/news/2015-05-12-whats-it-like-to-be-a-unicorn