Financial Issues Resolved By Southridge Capital

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Looking for help for your financial situation can be difficult. You might assume that it is easy to get help, but there are lots of companies to choose from that the choice can be almost impossible. Plus, when you’re dealing with debt problems, you need to know that the company you’re hiring is able to work with your unique situation and is able to help in any which way that they can. One of the best financial solutions companies out there is known as Southridge Capital. Southridge Capital is there to help in all different ways and get your financial life back on track in virtually no time at all.

The way that you’re able to make use of Southridge Capital is by hiring them and getting them to work with this type of situation. You can contact them by going to their site and finding out more about what they are offering. Once hired, Southridge Capital will work diligently on the specific type of work that you need to get done. This is important because it prevents you from having to do all of the work on your own, and it allows you to know that this is a company you can finally trust with just about any type of issue you have at the moment. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Along with offering all of their financial services, they also offer reasonable rates. You won’t spend a ton of money just to get your finances back on track, and you can even save money over time because of the work that Southridge Capital has done for you. Whether you need help with credit card debt, credit score repair or wealth management, Southridge is there to assist in all things finance-related. There are lots of people currently making use of Southridge Capital and finding this company to be a wonderful choice for their needs. If this is a company you feel can benefit you and your business or family, be sure to give them a call and see if they are able to take you on as a client and are able to handle the situation you have right now. Check out

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Sponsor’s Annual Luncheon For Dallas Women’s Foundation

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Nexbank SSB is a regional bank headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The bank is excited to announce to the public that it will be sponsoring the 32nd Annual Luncheon for the Dallas Women’s Foundation. NexBank has also pledged their support for the organization with the contribution of a $100,000. The Dallas Women’s foundation is an organization concerned with advancing the many issues that affect the quality of life for women.

The Dallas Women’s Foundation is proud of its distinction as the largest regional women’s fund in the world. The organization is convinced that by investing in women that they will greatly improve the standard of living in the world.

The Dallas Women’s foundation feels that it is important for attendees of the luncheon to know that a gift to the foundation is a direct impact on quality of life in North Texas.

The Luncheon is scheduled to be held on Friday, October 20th and will take place at Dallas’ Hilton Anatole Hotel. Dr. Hope Jahren is slotted to be the luncheon’s keynote speaker. Dr. Jahron is a scientist and author and has been recognized in TIME Magazine by way of the magazine’s Top 100 Influential People list. Students totaling 100,000 from twenty schools in North Texas will be afforded the luxury of watching the keynote address by Livestream.

Dallas Women’s Foundation is host to this luncheon on a yearly basis. The luncheon

attracts more than a thousand attendees from various sectors of Dallas’ local community each year. Many attending the luncheon are leaders and opinion molders from both the civic and private business sector.

About Nexbank SSB

NexBank SSB, headquartered in Dallas, Texas began its operations in 1934. The company has grown considerably both size and assets as there are now close to 90 persons employed by NexBank SSB while the company’s assets are now known to be more than $6 billion.