Todd Lubar Redefines the Real Estate Market

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The real estate market is one that most people, both investors and property shoppers are, fond of. Inasmuch as this is true, nobody is fonder of this market more than Todd Lubar. If you are an ardent follower of real estate market news, Todd is a name you might have heard discussed in many arenas thanks to his passion in the business. You can visit Ideamensch to know more.

Todd Lubar is an alumnus of Syracuse University where he graduated in 1995 with B.A in speech communication. Immediately after graduation, Todd began his career as a loan mitigator at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. With a deep desire to help people and a fascination of the real estate industry, Todd took this opportunity to build his real estate career familiarizing with mortgage banking and the industry players.

After familiarizing himself with the different industry players, Todd decided to advance his real estate career further. In 1999, Mr. Todd assumed a new equity position over at theLegacy Financial Group. In addition to this being a career move, it also helped Todd learn some lending skills that would later prove valuable later in life. Through this venture Todd would broke mortgage loans either as a direct bank or indirectly. This did not take long, within three years Todd was able to venture on his own.

With a little experience in the real estate industry, Todd was able to start Legendary Properties, LLC. Legendary Development Company was a construction company that purely thrived on Todd’s past established relationship. Thanks to the able leadership of Mr. Todd, this Legendary was able to conquer its residential market constructing more than two hundred single and multi-family home units.

Todd Lubar, didn’t stop his real estate entrepreneurial ventures at this point. With mortgages playing an important role in home ownership, Mr. Todd next venture was opening Charter Funding. This was a child company of First Magnus Financial Corporation, one of the leading mortgage providers in the American history. By providing, a comprehensive package Todd was able to expand his real estate venture more.

With the heart of service, Todd felt obligated to the underserved members of the society. Through Legendary Financial, LLC Todd planned to ensure that everybody’s needs were met. His expertise and experience ensured that he does not miss on any venture even one that does not seem profitable. Through his small and positive contributions, Todd Lubar has been able to change the real estate infrastructure to the better. More details can be found on LinkedIn.