Rocketship Education Dedication to Making a Difference

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About a decade ago, Rocketship was opened in a church. The institution has experienced significant growth and has made a great impact on the community around San Jose, California. One thing that distinguishes Rocketship Education is the fact that it continues to improve its students and the community as a whole. The last 10 years have been an opportunity for the institution to learn. The fact that this institution was the first one to provide personalized learning, it received much attention. It, however, continues to advocate for the integration of technology to help each learner, considering that they have different needs and interests. It for instance transformed from having a parent in the classroom to a teacher at home, a move that is aimed at serving every student in Rocketship Education.

The primary focus of Rocketship Education is to transform the public schools and not building another system altogether. Despite the encouragement to start K-12 system from parents, funders and other partners, the organization feels that doing so will reduce its efficiency. The institution has come up with a parent leadership program which is aimed at helping parents hold their leaders accountable. The parents ought to demand better quality middle and high school. The institution allows for the admission of students from all walks of life. There is no discrimination in regards to social standing, race, creed or even ethnicity.

Rocketship Education was established in the year 2006. Its mission is to bridge the gap in achievement among students by creating models that allow for propulsion of student achievement especially among the underserved community in the country. It operates using an approach that matches the students with the right content and the correct mode of instruction. For the time over, the institution has involved parents actively in their children’s learning. Rocketship Education aims at unleashing the potential vested in each Rocketeer. The organization is a nonprofit network of schools. It was first started by Andre Agassi, a former tennis player. He works alongside his co-managing partner Mr. Robert Turner. Agassi opened the charter school in his lowest moment. He kept wondering how much choice one has over their life.