Tasty and Healty – Purina’s Beneful Brand of Dog Foods

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Dog nutrition is constantly evolving and at Nestle Purina stays ahead of the pack to bring the best balance of wholesome ingredients to our pets. Not so long ago it was thought that an all meat diet was best for dogs, but the fact is dogs are omnivores and not carnivores. Choosing a good dog food means reading the label. A high protein content is very important to dogs, and high proteins come from beef, chicken, fish, lamb other meats and poultry. Fats are essential to a dog’s diet, and provide them with healthy skin, good digestion, body insulation and healthy internal organs. Carbohydrates give energy, and are vital to digestive processes. High fiber carbs are not the best for dogs, and moderately fermentable fibers such as beet pulp promote healthy digestion. Vitamins and minerals are essential to a balanced diet, and they are important for teeth and bone health.

Purina reinvented dog food when it introduced the Beneful line, and it offers just the right amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamin and minerals to keep our dogs healthy and happy. It’s so easy to over supplement or under supplement what a dog needs to eat that it makes sense to trust in a food that offers the proper balance of all ingredients in the correct amounts. A balanced diet is also about the quality of the ingredients, and Purina goes above and beyond the governmental requirements and standards for quality and safety.

Purina assures the quality of its foods from the purchase through the final packaged product. Every step in the manufacturing process is monitored to ensure Purina’s high standards, and Purina has 33 industry experts working around the clock making sure the processing standards reach beyond governmental and industry requirements. Raw ingredients are tracked from receipt at the plant to the shelves of the stores, and Purina’s cutting-edge technology screens for purity and wholesome quality. Purina works hard to gain trust, and to teach the consumer about canine nutrition.

Over 15 million dogs eat the Beneful brand dog food from Purina every day, and it’s a complete and balanced line of food to keep a dog healthy both inside and out. It’s made from wholesome ingredients of real meats and vitamin rich vegetables. Taste isn’t forgotten, and dogs love the taste of Beneful. Beneful comes in a variety of meals. Original dry recipes of Beneful the line are made with real chicken, beef, salmon, egg and a correct vegetable balance. Beneful wet foods come in blends of beef, chicken and salmon with tomatoes and wild rice, and Beneful has a full line of healthy treats made from real meats. Purina and its employees stand behind their product, and they set the standards for the rest of the industry to follow.

Beneful Dog Food Helps Make a Dog Park in Burien a Reality

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On June 30th, the community of Burien outside of Seattle, Washington drew one step closer to realizing Kellie Bassen‘s dream of making a lovely new dog park a reality. Beneful Dog Food supported the community-wide effort on behalf of local pooches and their owners by making a generous donation of $20,000.

Beneful Dog Food originated in 2001. The firm’s popular Facebook page has already received well over a million “likes,” a reflection of the popularity of Beneful’s flavorful variety of pet food products.

Kellie Bassen helped inspire efforts to establish an exercise facility for dogs in Burien when she contributed a pirate-themed entry in a national dog park contest offered by Beneful in 2013. Although Burien did not win, Kellie’s entry became a runner up in the influential competition. Afterwards, she continued to work with other members of the Burien community to attract support for the new dog park. Visit Beneful on petco for great deals.

The volunteer efforts paid off. On June 30th, residents of the Washington community celebrated achieving their $60,000 target ahead of schedule. The volunteers from Burien raised $15,000, a sum matched by funds provided by the City of Burien. Beneful Dog Food Company donated $20,000 and Burien Chevrolet and Burien Toyota contributed $10,000. Highline Public Schools donated the land and LAStudio LLC, an architectural firm offered pro bono work drafting the designs.

Studies Show Pickles Aren’t Just for Pregnancy Cravings: Great for Anxiety

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We are a pickle freak. We love munching on these amazing briny cucumbers and are craving one now. Sour, very dill, sweet, bread and butter- it’s all good.

What if we told you that pickles are actually a worthy snack that can ease anxiety?

Crazy, right?

No, in other words, if you snack on pickles, you will feel less social enxiety. The research is actually out there and was conducted by the University of Maryland and William & Mary. According to ScienceDaily.com, the findings will be published this August in the issue of Psychiatry Research.

According to Super Lawyer, the information gathered reveals that pickles and fermented foods like them play a key role that begins in the belly. W&M Psychology Professor Matthew Hilimire explained the mind and connection in this way:

“It is likely that the probiotics in the fermented foods are favorably changing the environment in the gut, and changes in the gut in turn influence social anxiety,” said Hilimire. “I think that it is absolutely fascinating that the microorganisms in your gut can influence your mind.”

The experiment zeroed in on college students and their eating habits of fermented foods as well as their exercise frequency. About 700 participated. The results show that more exercise reduced social anxiety, and those consuming foods like pickles, kombucha and sauerkraut also had fewer social anxieties.

Suddenly, “you are what you eat,” makes sense.

GMO foods-Know more and worry less

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It is always better to know the facts about GM(Genetically modified) or GE(Genetically engineering) of food plants or foods before coming to a conclusion. Genetically modified means change in genes or genome by means like chromosome doubling, gene mutation or hybridization or cross-pollination. While traditional food plants produced by conventional breeding and hybridization are not to worry. Knowing the facts about GM foods might change people’s opinion and fears about genetically modified foods.

The reason why genetically engineer plants it is for the same reason why for centuries conventional breeding or hybridization has been done for producing traditional food plants.
Plants are genetically modified for several reasons increase yield, profit, basic research on plant forms and their evolution, and mostly to improve quality and variety. That’s what Steve Murray points out.
Before coming to a conclusion about GMO, foods it is essential to know the facts of how Genetic modification was done ten thousand years before genetic engineering.
Artificial hybridization was done including unnatural wide cross breeding between different genera and species.
DNA- Damaging chemicals induced mutations in plants and organism.
Artificial selection of spontaneous hybrids and spontaneous mutations.
Humans have used natural processes like gravity hydrological cycles, crossbreeding, hybridization and genetic engineering to food production and to concentrate energy for years because of this modern civilization and energy concentration is possible even though it has environmental and health risks.
Looking at this closely we are all aware that every technology has risks and so does genetic engineering. After 10,000 years of genetically modifying plants using conventional breeding the question we should be thinking about and asking should be, does plant genetic engineering pose any unique risks with which we are not already familiar of.
Not everything natural is good for you. In plant hybridization, the properties of products determine the risks and benefits but not the process by which the product is made.
You are what you know, know the facts. Not all fears are facts. Know more about GMO foods.

5 Things You Might Not Know About the Antique Wine Company

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The Antique Wine Company specializes in extraordinary wines and stores over 10,000 bottles in their cellars. Founder Stephen Williams currently has his private wine company based in London with offices in Hong Kong as well. The following information explores several aspects of this incredible wine company you might not have known.

1. China and Hong Kong are Their Biggest Customers
Until recently, buyers from the United States were the primary customers for the Antique Wine Company. Now the Asian market has surpassed the Americans. In 2008 the Hong Kong government abolished the wine tax, opening the doors for increased business. Even though the United States and Hong Kong are major customers, the company has over 20,000 clients in approximately 70 countries.

2. The Company is Part of the Grand Chateau Series
The Antique Wine Company has become part of a venture to make elegant wine cabinets for their customers. Each Chateau Edition has just 5 cabinets, making sure they will ultimately become valuable investments. These exquisite cabinets are painstakingly crafted and are constructed using the finest materials.

3. High Technology is Used to Determine the Age of a Wine
Companies such as the Antique Wine Company employ sophisticated methods to determine the age of their wines. A few of these techniques include using particle accelerators as well as ion beams to discover the age of the glass the wine is stored in.

4. Stephen Williams Previously Worked in Banking & Insurance
The founder of the Antique Wine Company, Stephen Williams, worked in banking and sold life insurance before embarking on his passion for wine. He had begun working on weekends at the age of 14. This strong work ethic likely enabled him to eventually build the successful wine company he has today.

5. The Company Holds the World Wine Record
The Antique Wine Company sold the most valuable bottle of wine on record in July 2011. This particular wine was a bottle of Chateau d’ Yquem from 1811. The buyer of this wine, Christian Vanneque, says that he eventually will drink his purchase.