OSI Food Solutions Upgrades Its Production Facility In Spain

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Like other countries around the world, both Spain and Portugal consumers are eating more chicken. As a major supplier of chicken to quick-serve restaurants and grocery stores, OSI Food Solutions has upgraded its production facility in Toledo, Spain, to meet this demand. They spent €17 million on a new high-capacity production line plus safety improvements which doubles their capacity to process chicken. They can now process 24,000 tons of chicken annually. Additionally, they hired 20 more people to work at this production facility which brings the headcount up to 160 employees.

OSI Food Solutions added another 22,600 square feet of space to this facility. This included a new production hall, supplies storage, refrigerated rooms, shipping and receiving space, an area for employees to socialize, and other service areas. Because they test out new recipes at this facility they also put in place a new development kitchen. As their clients and consumers ask for new recipes this plant will now be able to deliver this to them more efficiently.

Other improvements were also made as a part of this upgrade. For example, it reduced their energy consumption by 20%. As their new heat recovery system goes online they expect further cuts to the amount of electricity they consume. They also installed more indoor cameras and a high-tech firefighting system.

OSI Food Solutions was founded in 1909 in Oak Park, Illinois. At the time it was a family meat market that just supplied local families. In 1917 it became a wholesale company and moved to Maywood, Illinois. It changed its name to Otto & Sons in 1928. By the middle of the 1970s it was relocated to Aurora, Illinois, and had changed its name to the one it now uses.

Since the 1970s a new owner and leadership has greatly expanded the footprint of OSI Food Solutions. They now serve clients in North America, Australia, Asia, and both Western and Eastern Europe. They have offices and facilities in the two most populated nations on Earth, China and India. Another major production facility went online in 2016 when they acquired a Tyson Foods plant that is in Chicago. Tyson Foods had announced in late 2015 that they were shutting this plant down and all 480 employees would lose their jobs. In June of 2016 OSI Food Solutions announced their $7.4 million offer for the building had been accepted. About 250 employees were left at the time and almost all of them were hired by OSI Food Solutions.

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A Quick Look At The Services The OSI Group Provides

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The OSI Group is one of the biggest food processing companies in the world. It is also one of the largest private firms in terms of annual revenue in the United States. The company has manufacturing and food processing facilities in the United States, where it is based, Europe, where it is rapidly expanding and Asia where it is starting to gain a foothold in.

OSI Group processes beef, chicken and pork. Beef products that OSI Group creates includes meatballs, burgers, steaks, meatloafs, ground beef and beef patties. Pork products manufactured by OSI are cooked pork sausage links, both raw and cooked pork patties, roast pork and ribs. A wide variety of chicken products are made by OSI. They are chicken nuggets, strips, patties, breaded and pattered chicken and all kinds of cut raw chicken pieces such as thighs, breasts and legs. OSI also manufactures turkey products such as ground turkey and turkey burgers.

Pizzas and baked snacks are another product category that is made by OSI Group in its plants. Ready to eat pizzas that need to be heated in the oven are created as is pizza crust and fresh pizza dough. OSI also bakes cookies and breads and then distributes them wholesale.

For sandwich shops, OSI Group offers ready made panini, flatbread and pockets. OSI Group also manufactures a wide assortment of frozen entrees which simply have to be reheated. Produce sorting and processing is another task that OSI Group handles. Whether its for salads or appetizers, OSI Group can sort lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, onions, cucumbers and a wide array of fresh fruits. With produce washed, chopped and diced, creating salads becomes easier and quicker than ever before.

The OSI Group is also well known for the cooked foods it produces. The firm cooks and cans beans and produces several varieties of salsas ranging from mild to spicy. Ready made soups and sauces that just need to be heated in the microwave are also made at OSI facilities. Meat products such as cooked pulled pork, cooked chicken breast and pot roasts are also handled by the OSI Group.

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Choosing the OSI Group

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The OSI Group is one of the best decisions that restaurant managers can make. This is because, when they choose OSI, they know that they are getting the best deal for what they are looking for in the food service industry. The OSI Group works to make sure that they provide services to their clients, that they have the best food available and that they are able to give their most to people who are in different areas of the world that have restaurants. They do all of this so that they can be successful with their business.

The OSI Group recognizes customer service as the number one most important part of the way that things work for their company. They want to make sure that their clients are able to get the most out of their business and they want their clients to be happy. For that reason, they work to provide a high level of customer service to every client that they serve no matter what part of the industry they are in or where they are located in the world. They want them to be successful no matter what.

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When it comes to the food that they have, they use only the highest quality ingredients that they can find. They only sell products that they think they would use if they were running a restaurant. They have done this since they first opened their meat market when they were just beginning. This meant that they only have high-quality food and that is what all of the restaurants that they serve can expect from them when they are doing business with OSI Group. They want to make sure that their clients can get the best options available no matter what.

Since the OSI Group is a global company, they can serve people who are in different countries. There are some food service companies in the industry who are only able to help people who are in the United States, but the OSI Group works to ensure that they are giving their services to people around the world. They are always working to expand their market so that they can help all of the people who own restaurants. They want to provide their best services to each and every person who has a restaurant and who wants fresh food.

Not only does the OSI Group provide fresh meat as well as produce but they also have prepared options for their clients. These are everything from meals to desserts and even some drinks that they can give to their clients. This allows them to serve many different markets and is the difference between them and other companies. Some companies only offer fresh food while other companies only offer food that is prepared in advance. The OSI Group does both and makes sure that they are able to give their clients exactly what they are looking for in the way of food services.

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