Brian Torchin’s Paving New Roads for Medical Professionals in America

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Medical professionals around the country need not worry about the hassles of switching jobs and that there are more avenues out there for them than they can possibly imagine. Brian Torchin of HCRC (Healthcare Recruitment Counselors) staffing agency emphasizes the role of staffing agencies and how they can be really instrumental in providing medical professionals with a switch when they really need it the most. He has highlighted certain areas that his firm is involved in doing

  • Job Counseling:

Job counseling is one of the most important functions of a staffing agency. As the medical professional is limited with choices when it comes to being offered one’s favorite specialty, it becomes the job of Brian and his firm HCRC to provide job counseling to its client and help them find the right fit out there for them.

  • Placements:

Another important aspect of what Brian and his firm HCRC is involved in includes placement of his clients. There are numerous jobs around the country that needs to be filled immediately and one of the main functions of a recruiting and staffing agency is to help these healthcare spaces by filling up their positions and ensuring that they always have a full staff. Anyone who approaches HCRC has a smooth transitioning between jobs.

  • Verified employees:

Each and every healthcare personnel who applies through Brian is vetted and verified properly. Such kinds of checks are important to ensure that clients receive the best person for the job. The vetting process also helps the person looking for a job the existing standards of the industry so they may prep themselves up to be the most deserving candidate for the job.

  • Brian’s mission for the medical world

Brian Torchin has aims of providing the healthcare industry with the necessary platform in filling their deficit of medical personnel across America. Being a medical world himself, Brian understands the difficulty that healthcare and medical professionals have to endure to ensure that they have the right job in the field.

Brian Torchin and his firm HCRC ensures to bridge this gap between the healthcare industry and the medical professionals by providing them with the services required for a smooth flow of medical services to the ultimate recipient, that is the patients.

 About Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin is the founder and head of HCRC staffing which specializes in providing career counseling for people in the healthcare industry. Brian finishes his college from the University of Delaware specializing in Exercise Science. His interests in medicine piqued and lead him to the New York Chiropractic College where he finished his degree.

Apart from putting his time with his firm HCRC, Brian also has a separate practice as a chiropractor. He specializes in physical therapy and sports medicine.