Mark Mofid is Revolutionizing Plastic Surgery for the Better

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Dr. Mark Mofid is based out of San Diego, California. He has worked on gluteal augmentation procedures in collaboration with Dr. Raul Gonzalez from Brazil to develop an implant that is safer and to which the body responds better to as a whole. These implants prevent sagging and are on the cutting edge of gluteal augmentation surgery especially in the popular Brazilian method.

Mark Mofid also has a concern for his clientele and those seeking plastic surgery worldwide. Many seek any way to increase their attractiveness. Mark Mofid wants to perhaps only take it one step at a time and not make drastic changes that will affect the client’s health, especially with working on the face. He also wants this idea of a more wholesome practice to become more widespread worldwide, and with less focus on the financial aspect of surgery. He caters to the health of the client, and works with the client’s needs to develop a reasonable game plan for surgery that wont be altogether too invasive for the individual to handle all at once. He considers both the psychological as well as physical restrictions and needs of each individual client.

Mark Mofid worked on this new gluteal augmentation product for eight years of his life before it was finally released. Dr. Mark Mofid is slowly and surely reimaginating the world of plastic surgery on many levels through both his principles and practices.

Overall, Mark Mofid may be considered an innovator, if not one of the most trusted names in plastic surgery, at least in Southern California. He has helped many individuals live more fulfilling lives through his practices. His client relationships and professional etiquette of consideration for the client’s health has influenced the way other doctors have approached the invasive aspects and potential risks of plastic surgery altogether. For this we must be genuinely thankful.