Drew Madden, a Force to Reckon with in the Healthcare and IT Sector

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Drew Madden is an experienced healthcare and IT specialist. He is the former president of Nordic Consulting Partners. He joined Nordic in 2010 and served as the president for six years. During his tenure as the president of Nordic, he accomplished a lot including raising the number of employees from 10 to 725 and that of client partners from 3 to 75.

When still at Nordic, he managed to be ranked first in the KLAS ranking for implementation services in the years 2012 and 2014. His significant roles included the development of business, recruitment and consultation operations. Before joining Nordic Consulting Partners, he worked as a willow consultant and as an EpicCare Inpatient. He joined hands with other organizations to realize their implementation strategies.

He once worked as the Midwest sales director at Ingenix Consulting where his role was to consult client and sales development in three firms namely, Allscripts, Epic, and GE-IDX. Furthermore, he worked at Healthia as a consultant. He attained his bachelors’ degree in Industrial Engineering and Medical Systems from the University of Lowa.

He left Nordic Consulting Partners in 2016. He partnered with three others, Jeff leach, Rebecca Bottorf and Aaron Friedman to create Evergreen Healthcare Partners. The company aims at providing clients with leading IT experience in healthcare. Evergreen now competes with Nordic. Drew Madden and his group are now tasked with coming up with new healthcare technology to keep up with Madison affiliated industries such as Nordic and Bluetree which have a competitive advantage.

Madden attributes his success both at Nordic and now Evergreen to the good relationship with the employees. He mentions in an interview that he had a conversation with almost every consultant. He states that focussing on their needs and ensuring that they get the best services is a big plus. This, in turn, leads to the success of a corporation because clients are content. A happy client means business is moving in the right direction. He also adds that zeroing in on top talent has a significant impact on the performance of a firm.