It’s Official: Homer and Marge Simpson Are Going to ‘Legally Separate” in an Upcoming Episode

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After 26 long years of marriage, Homer and Marge Simpson have decided to call it quits. The executive producer of The Simpsons told and the folks at Madison Street Capital that the cartoon couple would legally separate in an upcoming episode of the long running cartoon comedy.

Al Jean further explains the reason for the separation, Homer reportedly falls in love with his pharmacist after a long and debilitating battle with narcolepsy. Even though The Simpsons is still a fan favorite to many, they show has experienced a steady decline in ratings, which can most likely be explained with shows such as Family Guy and South Park giving fans their share of animated laughter.

Whether or not the couple will reconcile in a later episode is still to be determined. I think producers should at least let Marge have a little fun by introducing her to a good looking pool boy for instance, especially considering what her long time husband is putting her through.

The shift in marital status isn’t the only change the show is undergoing, famous voice actor Harry Shearer announced he will no longer be providing talent on the show. Shearer once provided dozens of voices for Simpson characters including Principal Skinner, Ned Flanders, Mr. Burns, and many others. Even though Shearer will be missed, it isn’t hard to replace a faceless cast member.