Jason Hope: The Man of Many Works

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Jason Hope is an entrepreneur that thinks beyond the “limit” of things. Jason graduated from the University of Arizona with a MBA in finance. He is a native of Arizona who currently resides there running operations for his projects and businesses from there. His years after graduating have been filled with one move after another. Jason Hope wrote an article in 2014 stating Europe being on the edge of innovations at that time and beating is western counterpart in the technology sector through IoT solutions. In this article, Jason viewed the West CEO’s, due to their labor approach, to be slower to take on IoT solutions than their European parts. He went further to explain, that due to more recent cyber-attacks, Europe is in a better position to protect it’s infrastructure because more CEO’s use IoT solutions to make changes down to minutes, turning a huge problem into a smaller issue. For example their electricity grid they’re starting to use IoT solutions to stabilize the grid and respond faster to outages from attacks or natural disasters and to know more click here

Jason helps the aging. His many philanthropic avenues have taken him where most don’t think about until later on in life. He invested in December of 2010 $500,000 to the SENS Research Foundation to help possibly eliminate aging. This is done through finding diseases and cancers that break down the body during the process of aging. When found, SENS wants to work to eliminate or cure those diseases or “cancers of the body” so they never happen. This is turn would slow down the aging process before you age!

Jason is a true entrepreneur. He continues his work, through foundations like the Tony Hawk Foundation supporting children. Jason believes in giving every child a chance. He does this by donating constantly, in his hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona, to “Shop With A Cop“. “Shop With A Cop” allows children to shop with a community police officer spending up to $150 on school supplies during “Back to School” times, and Christmas for gifts. He believes this helps not only bring communities together during these crucial times in a child’s life but make the child’s life feel less isolated in our technologically advanced age.

Jason Hope is an inspiration not only to new entrepreneurs, but to the world. He inspires us to not only reach within our local communities for change on a national level, but also our regional and communities to help evolve into international change. He helps bring to fruition those things we once saw impossible and makes current unreality real through his many works.

To know more visit @ www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIrKoNVbIzs