Selma Blair To Act As Kris Jenner In Upcoming Movie

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Selma Blair is an actress who will be playing Kris Jenner in the upcoming O.J. Simpson movie. Although there have been several documentaries and TV movies put out about the OJ Simpson trial, this movie will be more up to date.Selma Blair. In past O.J. Simpson movies, Kris Jenner was never really someone who was referred to, but Robert Kardashian was referred to in the movies. Robert Kardashian is the father of three of Kris Jenners daughters.

Robert Kardashian was also one of the lawyers for OJ Simpson according to FreedomPop. The movie will be coming to TV soon, and Selma Blair is gearing up for the part of Kris Jenner. Selma does look similar to Kris Jenner because she has black hair and a slim figure. Someone asked what kind of preparations she’s done to learn about Kris Jenner, and her response is understandable. Selma says that Kris Jenner is in everyone’s lives on a daily basis, so there is no real need for her to do studies on the icon.

In reality, the only studying that Selma needs to do is to watch the Kardashian show, which features Kris Jenner on a regular basis. Many know of Kris Jenner because of the show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” It will be interesting to see what the upcoming movie has to offer, especially since there are several big name stars set to play in the movie.