Katy Perry Beat Taylor

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Everyone has always thought Taylor Swift was on a higher scale than Katy Perry on every scale. However, Katy Perry just past Taylor Swift in one area. She has become the first femaile artist to reach 9 million views with her song roar.

Taylor was very surprised to hear this news. However, she is very happy for Katy Perry. Taylor is happy with all of her own accomplishments. She is happy that God let her get this far in music. Even if she was not the first women to reach 9 million views, she is a happy that a female artist met this mark. She believes it is a win for all female artists.

Katy Perry spoke out saying that she is honored to be considered in the same class as Taylor Swift. She also said that reaching this goal is an absolute dream come true that she never saw coming her way. She also said that she is happy the song that reached 9 million views meant so much to her. Katy also said she would like to work with Taylor Swift on various projects in the fututre.

Fans like Sam Tabar are happy for Katy Perry, and these same fans hope that Taylor Swfit will reach this goal one day, too. The press is ready to cover another story about a female artist reaching 9 million views. WHo will be next is the question that remains with everyone.