Miley Cyrus Shows Her New Pet Cat To The World

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Miley Cyrus was recently singing a song about her pet fish that died, and the song led her to break down in tears. Miley is well known to be a pet person, and she has lost at least a couple pets in the recent past. Miley Cyrus’s New Cat. Getting another pet won’t necessarily ease the pain of the loss of another pet, but it can help to put your focus on a new life. Miley recently got a very small white kitty and it’s absolutely adorable.

Miley posted a picture to her Instagram account with herself holding the kitty in her arms like a baby. It’s obvious that it’s a newborn kitty, and the kitten is absolutely adorable. Miley nicknamed the cat a very long title but we’ll call it “Shanti” for short. Miley is very proud of her new kitten, and more than likely she’ll end up making songs about this pet as well.

The kitten looks exactly like the cat that used to be in the Fancy Feast commercials for the cat food. Miley posted several pictures of herself with the cat, and she’s playing with it and it looks so small and innocent. The cat is seriously tiny, and it looks so small, cute, and innocent. No matter what, Miley is a great pet owner, and Shanti couldn’t want a better owner than Miley Cyrus. Here’s to the new edition to Miley Cyrus’s family, Shanti.

So I gotta thank my bud Kevin Seawright for sharing this cute Miley news, what an adorable cat (