Understanding Brazil’s Litigation Process with Ricardo Tosto Carvalho de Oliveira

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Brazil is a country endowed with many professional lawyers. Ricardo Tosto Carvalho de Oliveira is one of them. He practices both locally and internationally. Besides being a mandated lawyer, he runs one of the most successful law firms in Brazil and the better part of Latin America, The Leite Tosto e Barros. This law firm deals with sophisticated legal procedures surrounding companies, individuals and states. They have built an excellent reputation for winning millions of successful legal battles of varied forms.

Their influence has been greatly felt in the country’s legal community. Mr. Ricardo’s legal office is highly regarded for solving complex cases such as banking and insurance law. The efficiency, responsiveness and professionalism virtues to name a few are some of the core principles on which Mr. Tosto bases his legal operations.

Before becoming the successful lawyer he is today, Ricardo Tosto started small as a legal consultant upon clearing his university education. Since then, he has successfully represented thousands of clients in complicated lawsuits. He immensely contributed to the policy making of most legal instruments that are still in use today in the Brazilian legal system. Borrowing from his immense experience as an expert lawyer, he comes up with innovative ideas through which redundant legal issues can be eradicated.

As a leader and a strategist, Mr. Tosto is one lawyer that most law students in the country look up to. Most of his mentees have testified of their great admiration and respect for his methods of litigation. At his law firm, he supervises and even spearheads problem-solving procedures for high-stress cases when necessary. He has paved the way for his team members to follow in fulfilling their esteemed customers’ legal needs.