The Paramount of Illinois Logistics Legend Perry Mandera

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When Chicago area logistics experts talk about the legends of the logistics industry, one of the most well-known figures is Perry Mandera.

Mandera has been in the logistics industry for decades. He gained his first experiences in the shipping and receiving industry while serving in the United States Marine Corps back in the 1970s. Since then Mandera founded The Custom Company, Inc which helps tailor custom logistics solutions for critical transport (Releasefact).

While logistics is Mandera’s main business focus, he has also made a name for himself in the political arena. Back in the 1980s, Mandera won the elections for 26th Ward Committeeman as a Republican in Chicago. This four-year term helped Mandera connect with the public and give back to the community.

While Perry Mandera has been successful in business and politics, he’s been discreetly helping the community through charitable work and other endeavors that help cultivate a positive environment and help give children in a need a real chance to break the cycle of poverty and despair in the families.

Perry Mandera is a business titan and self-described workaholic. While so many are taking their rest and relaxation seriously nowadays, Mandara claims that he only sleeps up to 4 hours per night. That’s because Mandera stays constantly engaged in his business so that he can be available for employees and vendors whenever they require Mandera’s assistance.

Mandera prides himself in being a hands-on CEO. While many CEOs are simply number crunchers that put a positive spin on the latest news of their organization, Mandera has taken his duties as CEO to the next level by immersing himself in the day to day operations of his business.

Perry Mandera’s hands on, no BS attitude is what has made his business so successful and its always why Mr. Mandera is respected in the Chicago logistics community. Perry Mandera is a pillar of the Illinois logistics business world and Mandera is a critical component to the long-term success of his company, “The Custom Company, Inc.”