Britney Spears Women’s Health Cover Raises Some Suspicions

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Britney Spears has had her share of ups and downs this year but mostly she has come out on top, even after a summer breakup she managed to bounce back better than ever and without any bizarre freak out, car window smashing drama.

This month Britney is gracing the cover of Women’s Health magazine and she looks absolutely amazing. Britney has managed to get into some of the best shape of her life and this cover is showing it. Britney still has the most amazing abs, just like we always remembered, and her entire body is tones and tanned. Looking at Brit’s body is enough to make you toss your french fries, however some still have questions about the authenticity of the photo that’s been making women everywhere hit the gym.

Apparently some folks have been questioning if Britney’s photos were photoshopped because her face looks a little odd, while you can’t put you finger on it something about her face does look a little off.

Britney released video of the photo shoot to prove to the that she isn’t being edited. When I watched the video with Igor Cornelsen, we thought that she doesn’t appear to have been digitally altered and in fact looks even better on video than in the photo. According to some sources on the set Britney’s face may appear different due to the contouring done during her makeup session which would explain the slim cheek bones and slimmer nose area.