George Soros Helping Numerous Humanitarian Causes Through His Enormous Wealth

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The world of politics is filled with political leaders and influential people in business who are in symbiotic relationships to help each other grow, or so it seems. And, while it cannot be said that it is a bad thing, it does sometimes leave the everyday people not so convinced about the motives of the government and the wealthy individuals or corporations who support these political leaders. One of the wealthy businessmen who has been in the news for his influence in United States politics for a long time is George Soros. He has helped many Democrats come to power and continues to use his enormous wealth to support the election campaigns of Democrats. George Soros even endorsed Hillary Clinton when she ran for Presidency in 2016 and spent nearly $30 million to help her election.

George Soros is controversial because of her political beliefs as well as his outgoing manners. He has helped many movements and protests, some of which were also against the government indirectly, including the Antifa movement and the Black Lives Matter. The support extended by George Soros and his organization, Open Society Foundations, to some of these demonstrations and protests has made him a controversial figure in the political sphere. However, it is of little concern to George Soros as he believes that it is a responsibility to do what is right for the society, regardless of what others on the opposite side of political fulcrum think about him.

George Soros has amassed massive wealth from the financial world through his business acumen and his company, Soros Management, continues to be one of the top wealth management and hedge funding corporations in the world. The hedge fund he started, Quantum Fund, is one of the sufficient hedge funds in the hedge funding history and has helped him getting listed among the wealthiest people in the United States by Forbes. However, the fortune that George Soros has made has also helped him become one of the most prominent philanthropists of all times. He has supported through his organization, Open Society Foundation, numerous charities across the globe and not only in the United States. Starting from trying to eradicate racial disparity to empowering women and from helping rehabilitate drug and substance abuse victims to backing the political reforms that allow the immigrants and the refugees, George Soros continues to work relentlessly towards supporting the causes he believes in.

George Soros was born in Hungary, but he had to leave his homeland during his teenage years because as a Jewish his life was in danger when Nazis occupied the country. George left the country to move to the United Kingdom, where he completed his studies in Business and Economics from the famous London School of Economics. George Soros is profoundly influenced by the philosopher named Karl Popper, who in his book discussed the concept of Open Society elaborately. George Soros feels that contrary to popular belief, people should be more worried about Capitalism as it is suppressing the voice of the people systematically for the idea that they think to be accurate and absolute, which is purely subjective in reality.

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