The Generous Contributions of Jorge Moll

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Jorge Moll is a renowned individual in the medical field. Mr. Moll attended the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Later, Jorge joined Sao Paulo University where he pursued Experimental Pathophysiology. Currently, Jorge Moll is the president of D’Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR) where he also serves as a board member. At Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience Unit (CBNU) and Neuroinformatics Workgroup, he serves as the Director. Mr. Moll lives with his lovely family in Rio de Janeiro. Mr. Moll is an award-winning professional who is recognized internationally for his work. Some of the prestigious awards he has received include Research Fellow NIH award and Visiting Scholar Award.

Jorge started IDOR because he is passionate about carrying out research. Moll’s childhood dream was to pursue health care and education to help people from his home country. Jorge’s day is filled with numerous meetings where he discusses different topics. In the meetings, Moll speaks with associates, researchers, students, entrepreneurs, and scientists from different parts of the world. Moll believes in working together as a team and exchanging ideas.

Mr. Moll finds it hard to select ideas since he has several of them. To actualize ideas, he chooses the one he can collaborate with people. Some of the recent trends that excite Jorge Moll include cognitive systems and artificial intelligence ( Other fields that he finds quite interesting include gene therapy as well as regenerative medicine which are carried out at Moll-Lab.

Some of the personal principles that Moll use to stay productive at work include being transparent, skillful, and open-minded. Jorge likes to work on new ideas as they arise, he does not keep old ideas quite often. Moll’s advice to entrepreneurs is to try out different ways of doing things if they keep failing. One of the things that have contributed to Moll’s success includes being interested in impacting people’s lives positively. Jorge Moll advises people to start businesses that directly touch people’s lives by making them enjoyable and memorable. Moll states that he has failed severally even though his definition of failing is delayed results of what he wants to achieve.