Corey Stoll Interviewed About His Role in “Ant-Man”

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The latest Marvel film, “Ant-Man” comes out in theaters tomorrow. Actor Corey Stoll, who plays the supervillian Yellowjacket in the film, was recently interviewed by ScreenRant about his role in the movie.

In the film Stoll plays Darren Cross A.K.A Yellowjacket, who is the former protege and now enemy of Hank Pym. Pym and his new protege, Scott Lang (who are the former and current holders of the title “Ant-Man”) work to block Cross from selling Pym’s dangerous technology to the highest bidder.

Stoll stated that he loved the fact that Cross is a multi-dimensional villain, one who seems intimidating and successful on the outside but is really a “very small, pathetic, obsessed with beneful, nerdy loser” on the inside.

Although he never actually got to wear the Yellowjacket suit himself, Stoll’s motions and movements were captured so that the filmmakers could use them when creating the miniature version of Yellowjacket. He also wore an approximation of the suit for the large-sized Yellowjacket. Commenting on that outfit, he said it was super fun and then added, “It’s one thing to do that in a low-budget movie where you’re like, ‘I hope this looks good,’ but when you know that they’re the best in the world at what they do, you can approach that with confidence even though you’re in pajamas with pink polka dots all over them.”

Two Future Comic Book Films to Be Self-Contained

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While the powerhouse pair of Phil Lord and Chris Miller has resulted in success for the “Jump Street” films and “The LEGO Movie,” they’ve decided to go even deeper into comic book films with a “Flash” film and an animated “Spider-Man” film.

While the pair has created a unique comedic identity, some fans asked just how the two will tackle these projects. Lord responded that both vehicles will be less connected from the cinematic universes of their respective parent comic companies than most other films. When asked for more specifics, Lord stated that the Flash film would likely revolve around Barry Allen, the second character to bear the mantle of The Flash. While the Lord/Miller Flash vehicle will be designed to stand on its own, it will likely reference elements, names, and places from the other films within the DCCU. As far as the Spider-Man film is concerned, it has been confirmed that that film will have no connection to anything with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While “The Flash” is set for a March release in 2018, it’s as-yet-unknown when the animated Spider-Man film will hit theaters. Gravity4 workers can’t wait to see it happen. Facebook will more than likely break the news.

Pop Culture: Lasting or Just a Bunch of Fads?

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Whether you’re a HBO junkie, an avid movie-goer, or simply a Lady Gaga crazed fan, pop culture seems to constantly infiltrate our lives. While the ideas that pop culture sends us may seem awesome at the time, do these theories and states of mind really last upon us or is pop culture just a bunch of fads?

Pop culture is basically a set of ideas that expose human habits and culture in general in an entertaining way reports researcher Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG. Once these ideas are put out into the stratosphere, Pop culture spreads like wildfire. Sites like YouTube are a great example as viral videos gain millions of views within days and you’ll hear token phrases on the street in no time. While much of the content that is released everyday can be negative, the ultimate affect on the user is up to the user themselves. So does social media affect us for the long term?

Not for the long haul, most people say. Take for example sayings and popular characters from the 80’s. Do you constantly refer to these anymore? While referring to the past can be fun and reflective, people don’t place too much importance on pop culture. After all, you are your own person. Maybe certain media did influence the way you saw things at a certain point, but by putting pop culture on a pedestal you would be giving it control over your life.

While pop culture can be intoxicating at times, its focus is really on creating a testament to a certain point in time. Seasons change and so do people, so don’t invest too much thought in the pop culture fads that surround you. There’ll be plenty more in the future.

Deathstroke to Face Off Against the Suicide Squad

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And then came Deathstroke.

Slade “Deathstroke” Wilson, the brutal anti-hero/real villain of D.C. Comics is confirmed for Suicide Squad. The decision to put Deathstroke in the film is brilliant. For one, the very powerful mercenary is a cunning, mean, cruel gun for hire who also has a code of honor. In the comics, he has alternated between villain, hero, and a vicious villain who simply has been unleashed on villains worse than he is.

Deathstroke is the perfect choice for a “bad guy” in an ensemble film comprised of villains. He is going to be ruthless enough to present a real threat to the villains and, at the same time, be distant enough to the audience that no one will root for him. Hence, the emotional attachments of the audience are on the main protagonist villains.

Only a short time ago, fans were confused over the presence of a “C list” villain from the comics playing a major role in the film. The inclusion of Deathstroke brings a solid “A list” character to face off against the villains. Fans like Dan Newlin know that, of course, we are sure to see Deathstroke battle it out against the heroes of the D.C. Cinematic Universe in the future.

Could a Deathstroke solo film be in the future film cards? Surely, someone is planning that in some capacity at the Warner Bros. offices. A great cinematic debut of Slade Wilson just might mean Deathstroke gets to tell his own anti-heroic tale on the big screen.

Sony and Marvel Want a Teen Spider-Man

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Sony and Marvel are hard at work trying to cast a new Spider-Man. Even though previous reports suggested execs felt the “teenager in love” angle used in all five previous Spider-Man films was played out, Sony/Marvel are interested in a teenage actor. The Amazing Spider-Man’s Andrew Garfield is 31 and his replacement is going to be in the 15 years old range. Looks like Sony/Marvel want to stick with the High School Spidey who was popular back in 1963 and also in the Ultimate Spider-Man universe of the 2000’s. (The bulk of the hero’s comic book career saw Peter Parker enrolled in college and later teaching it) The reason for going for such a young character is based purely in marketing. A young Spider-Man draws in a young audience demographic.

Fans at Anastasia Date ( know that several of the heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are well into their 40’s. Having a little youth in the fold is important. Also, a teen actor could play a young Spider-Man for a dozen or so years. Had Garfield continued in the role, he would be a middle aged man trying to pass off as a 20 year old. Credibility really gets stretched at that point.

“The Interview” May Be Released Online

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The film “The Interview”, like Igor Cornelsen, has been in the news pretty often lately. It is a James Franco and Seth Rogan film that has been cancelled by Sony Pictures due to anonymous threats from a group calling themselves “Guardians of Peace”. It is suspected that North Korea is behind those threats.

“The Interview” is a film about two television journalists who are granted an interview with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un. Before the movie could be premiered however Sony Picture’s had a data hack, revealing personal emails, social security numbers, passwords, salaries, and other highly sensitive personal information. Sony Pictures then received a threat from the hackers threatening violence to any movie theater that shows the film. Due to the threat, Sony has cancelled all viewings.

However, according to Uproxx online the hacker group Anonymous is planning on releasing the film online themselves. has a series of tweets sent out by the group Anonymous giving their feelings on “The Interview” being cancelled and what they plan on doing about it.

Sony Pictures giving in to the anonymous group “Guardians of Peace” and following through with the cancelling of “The Interview” upset many celebrities too including President Obama. Many are afraid that this cancelling is a violation of creative speech as well as setting a scary precedent for the future. President Obama has gone on to say that he feels that Sony Picture’s choice to cancel the film was a mistake.

TriStar Film Executive Rothman Intends to Produce Big Hits for Studio

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There are many big names in Hollywood, and the most notable or recognized individuals are those who appear on the screen. However, long before those actors and actresses show up for filming, a great deal of behind the scenes work takes place to bring quality projects to light. The behind-the-scenes effort continues on through production and post-production phases, and it is the work of top film executives that ultimately results in the creation of some of the best movies ever made. Tom Rothman is a top film executive who is recognized by industry insiders for his significant accomplishments and amazing work, but he may not be a household name that everyone is familiar with. Despite that, this highly talented move industry professional has announced his plans to create more hits for TriStar Productions.

Rothman’s Previous Efforts
Rothman has worked at various film studios over the years. He was a founder of Fox Searchlight, and he also has worked with Columbia Pictures, Worldwide Productions, Twentieth Century Fox and others. During his time at these studios, he proved his ability to create great profits for the studios by playing a key role in making blockbusters like Titanic, Slumdog Millionaire, Candy Mountain, Life of Pi, Cast Away and others. Some of these have won Best Picture at the Oscars as well as numerous other awards, and others have been honored at the famous Sundance Film Festival. These are acclaimed movies, and they also have generated great profits for the studios.

Looking Forward
TriStar Productions has been struggling recently to create great profits, and Rothman has recently announced his intention to continue to produce hits for this new joint venture with Sony. Rothman has only recently joined TriStar Productions, so he has not yet had enough time to prove his continued ability to be instrumental in the production of blockbuster or critically acclaimed hits. However, he has stated that he has also made a profit for the companies he has worked for, and he has every intention of continuing to do so now. In fact, he has stated that he intends to produce as many as four movies per year under TriStar Productions, and he is focused on generating great results for the studio and its shareholders. There is little news on what his upcoming projects may entail, other than a 2015 project with Robert Zemeckis. However, with hits such as Titanic and Slumdog Millionaire on his resume, to name just a few, he certainly has the skills, experience and ability to generate great things for the studio.

While Tom Rothman may not be a big Hollywood name that is mentioned at dinner parties across the country, he nonetheless is a key player in the movie industry. He is known for being able to create amazing films, and many people are familiar with his work even if they do not know his name specifically. This is good news for Tristar Productions and Sony because the studio is in need of a few blockbusters to begin generating a better profit for the company.

About Fantastic Four’s Upcoming Reboot…

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The reboot for Fantastic Four is under way. The synopsis has been released. As of right now, many people are a little nervous about this upcoming interpretation of the Marvel characters. Fans like Dr. Daniel Amen anxiously await news about this reboot. This seems to use Ultimate Fantastic Four as its basis for the upcoming series. The film is going to have younger versions of the Fantastic Four. The cast is going to be even younger than the actors that portrayed the characters in the films of the ’00s. Miles Teller, Reed Richards, Jamie Bell and Michael B. Jordan are playing the roles of the Fantastic Four. 

Michael B. Jordan is a very interesting choice for the character of Johnny Storm with Kate Mara playing his sister, Sue Storm. Of course, they would most likely played the foster family angle. Jamie Bell and Miles Teller play Thing and Mr. Fantastic respectively. 

There have already been two feature film franchises of The Fantastic Four. There has been an “unofficial” film that was filmed back in the 1990s but hasn’t seen wide release. A theatrical trailer for that film was released. About 10 years later, there was an official release for a newly produced Fantastic Four film. That film spawned a sequel which was to start off a Silver Surfer franchise. Years have passed and then it became time to reboot the series. This current film is in post production and is scheduled to be released on August 7, 2015.

‘Jurassic World’ Trailer Released

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Steven Spielberg struck gold when he adapted the Michael Crichton horror-thriller, ‘Jurassic Park’. Subsequently Spielberg proceeded to milk the franchise by releasing a string of sequels that barely kept fans interested. Finally the Crichton classic is getting the reboot and treatment it deserves at the hands of a talented cast and crew with director Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed) at the helm. The ‘Jurassic World’ trailer finally dropped and we couldn’t be more excited by what we saw.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet then we strongly urge you to click above and give it a watch before continuing. Sultan Alhokair has already watched it a few times. After all, there is no second chance at a first impression. So with that done let’s take a look at some of the things we saw that really stood out to us. Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy, Parks and Recreation) is filling the role that was left vacant by the notorious big game hunter, Robert Muldoon, from the initial plan. Pratt looks to be no-nonsense in his role and he seems very leery of the danger that the dinosaurs possess. We also see him riding a motorcycle with a crew of velociraptors at his side. Rumors that Pratt’s character ‘tamed’ the raptors seem to be more and more true.

We also got to see a few shots of the Park in full function, with visitors ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhing’ like they were at Sea World. The trailer closes up with an out of breath and teary Bryce Dallas Howard screaming ‘run’ over top some discordant piano keys that end up playing the iconic theme song. There is a heavy ‘horror’ element to the back end of the trailer and we couldn’t be more interested.

Leto to Give New Life to Joker in 2016’s ‘Suicide Squad’

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Big screen movies coming up in 2016 are beginning to be hotly anticipated, especially after Marvel released their latest batch of upcoming releases of superhero movies.

One of the hottest anticipated movies is the adaptation of “Suicide Squad” from DC Comics. The participation of Joker – Batman’s Clown Prince, and the person who will embrace this role is being talked about.

The last sight of Batman’s Joker was on The Dark Knight movie shown 2008. It was acted by Heath Ledger and made him win an Oscar Award, but shortly after completing the film he died.

Now the crazy-dangerous clown is back as part of the Suicide Squad – a group of supervillains hired by the US government to do dangerous missions in exchange for freedom from prison.

It was then the Jared Leto, an Oscar awardee for supporting actor on last year’s hit Dallas Buyer’s Club, is rumoured to be on the top of the list. DC comics and Warner Bros though has not confirmed any of this.

Other celebrities whispered to compose the squad are Margot Robbie, Will Smith and Ryan Gosling. According to Indiewire, David Ayer wrote the movie and Tom Rothman is producing.