Joseph Bismark on Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle

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According to an article released through Reuters, aspire magazine featured Joseph Bismark in their latest issue. In the magazine, Bismark reveals how he is able to sustain a healthy lifestyle. He is passionate about wellness and overall body fitness, and he doesn’t just talk about it, he walks the talk, too. For his routine, Bismarck incorporates a vegetarian diet, apps, exercises and literature.

Bismark’s weekly workouts involve kettlebells and “rip:60. He also does yoga poses, swimming and cycling. With MapMyRide, an app that is able to track his fitness activities, he is able to know his speed, pace, duration, distance, elevation and how many calories he has burned while cycling.

To Bismark, yoga is not just something he does; it is his way of life. Apart from doing it, he also teaches it. Teaching at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga ensures that he is constantly updating his knowledge on the subject. One of the books that he has read recently is Anatomy of Yoga: An Instructor’s Inside Guide to Improving Your Poses. In the book, basics of Yoga are well explained.

According to Bismark, meditation is another important part of yoga. He utilizes SoundCloud as a tool for sharing his bhanjans chants and mantras with others.

Bismark considers the mind to be as important as the body as far as health is concerned. That’s where Luminosity comes in handy. The application uses fun scientific games to work out the brain. Bismark uses the web-based application for 15 minutes each day. Exercises not only make us fit but also help us in conquering our fears and self doubt.

A founding Director of the Q1 Group, Bismark’s work contributed in the building of a firm foundation upon which the company would grow. After a corporate restructuring of the company in 2008, he was made the Managing Director. His management style can be described as open and consultative; he values what everyone has to say. He lives by motto “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things.”

His interest in healthy living is what informed the company’s decision to venture into the field of wellness and healthy organic foods. The talented and dynamic leader also believes in serving humanity as part of his spiritual growth. That is why he devotes part of his time to the corporate social responsibility arm of the company, the RYTHM foundation.

New Jersey Apartment Communities – A Lifestyle of Luxury

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As the ever-changing real estate market in New Jersey continues to twist and turn, many people have been reaping the benefits of New Jersey’s incredible apartment and condo rental scene. Unlike a home that places the burden of luxury amenities directly on the owner, apartment communities are able to disseminate that cost among the many residents, making a lifestyle of luxury amenities easily accessible. Many New Jersey apartments have transitioned to become more like 5-star resorts than what you would expect from a typical apartment or condo complex. Today’s developer understanding that people in New Jersey expect luxury and convenience, and are willing to pay the price to obtain it.

Surrounded by highways and waterways, New Jersey is home to many different types of upscale apartment housing. Whether you prefer the hustle, bustle and energy of a more in-town apartment or something that offers lush greenscaping, open spaces and a quiet feel, there is a perfect apartment for you to call home.

New Brunswick luxury rentals like The Aspire, offering luxury apartments near the Rarita River, offer residents access to a complete lifestyle, rather than just an upscale abode. Residents are greeted daily by a 24/7 doorman where they then have the option to choose to simply retire to their apartment or enjoy two green rooftop decks for resident use, a private terrace and a sky deck on the 18th floor. In what has become standard for today’s health-conscious resident, The Aspire offers an impressive fitness center, as well as being just steps away from NJ’s Transit Train Station that directly accesses Manhattan.

Other apartments, such as The Modern, located in Fort Lee New Jersey, go over the top to be popular among the health and fitness buffs, offering cutting-edge fitness center complete with yoga and pilates studio and spin bikes.

While all the perks of these upscale, “lifestyle” apartment communities are great to have, one of the keys it to look at how day-to-day life operates in each community. It is essential to ensure residents have access not only to on-site management, but to some type of residents portal, where questions, concerns and news can be disseminated quickly and easily. Two-way communication with property managers is key, and it is an important factor to consider when choosing an apartment community that best suits your lifestyle. Enjoy apartment hunting and everything New Jersey has to offer!

FreedomPop Making Run at Larger Mobile Service Providers with Raised Money

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Most people who own and use a smartphone will agree that the price for the service has increased rather drastically in recent years to the point where they are paying three or four times the amount of money they once paid a few years ago. FreedomPop understands this issue and wants to help anyone out who feels like they are paying too much for their service. The LA startup that has been up and running since 2012 is looking to provide individuals with free text, talk and data, all without signing a contract or staying on for an extensive period of time. With the recent money it raised, it is now possible for the company to expand its services to even more customers as it looks to offer as many individuals as possible its free service.

FreedomPop has been looking to provide quality mobile service for individuals around the country, but as it is offering the services for free it does need to seek out money from external sources in order to improve its network and to buy the data from other mobile service providers. Essentially, FreedomPop buys data at a flat rate from Sprint. The company that gives the data to its subscribers for free. Each individual is able to receive up to 500 MB worth of data a month and then the amount of money after it does cost a flat rate. This makes it a quality product for anyone who is looking to reduce the amount of money they spend on a mobile cell phone.

The $30 million brought in recently brings the total amount of money the company has raised in the last three years up to $50 million. This makes it especially desirable and it shows it is able to continue to expand against the larger companies.