Alex Pall Talks About Songwriting For The Chainsmokers

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Alex Pall had a feature in Interview Magazine about The Chainsmokers and how they write and perform their songs. He is one of the newest DJs on a music scene where everyone seems to be a DJ, and this article explains how Alex has managed to break the mold of the traditional DJ trendsetters.

What Is Their Music Like?

The Chainsmokers feature other artists where they can, and they have put such chart-topping musicians as Halsey on their albums. However, they are turning inward to handle singing for some of their new songs. DJs do not often write their own music because they are creating mixes of someone else’s music.

Alex Pall is accustomed to creating mixes as that is how The Chainsmokers got their start. Alex has sung on some of their new tracks, and they have become much more of a drop than a DJ-style band.

A New Style Of Music

A new style of music is emerging from what The Chainsmokers are doing. The band is making music in the DJ style without asking other people to sing it all for them. This is a fantastic thing for the music industry because it allows multi-talented people to make their own music. Someone who wants to do more than scratch records must ensure that they have listened to this band and Alex’s music.

Creating New Music Quickly

The Chainsmokers turn over their new music quickly, and they tend to do this because they want to get back on the market as fast as they possibly can. They have a strategy to be in the public eye at all times, and they use their many talents to make each new song very different.

Alex Pall is happy to create a mix here and there that will chart on the radio, and he loves to write new music he may well sing on. The band is becoming a much bigger name in music because people notice the moment more music is released.

Alex Pall has proven that his approach to writing and recording music impacts the charts.

Desiree Perez: Dominating the Music Industry

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Desiree Perez is a zealous female leader serving as the chief operating officer at Roc Nation since 2009. She is a great tool and pillar among other executives in the music industry with expertise in management, labeling operation, and publishing among others. Desiree Perez is among the female executives in the music industry according to the list of Billboard 2012 women in music. She is among the females associated with the success of many artists for almost two decades. Roc Nation is an entertainment company and record label that serves full time. The company is in charge of managing songwriters, producers, music artists, and sound engineers. Roc Nation publishes music as well as handle tours, TV, merchandise, and film deals. In case of support from venturing into the music business, they are there for you.

Desiree Perez is a serious and successful negotiator with a substantial reputation. She among the inner circle of Rihanna and many other artists. Des takes chances in optimizing her profits for both the firm and their investors. At the same time, she sees to it that talent is greatly development, nurtured and well monitored. One of the success factors in her career life is the fact that she is keen to make significant decisions in the business and is willing to enter the high level of pressure negotiations with the customers.

Desiree Perez portrays great confidence and charisma with a strict attitude that does not entertain jokes in business opportunities so that she can gain the best from that opportunity most profitably. She is a perfect driving force behind the success of the Roc Nation in the music industry and she is top of most females and males. Desiree Perez together with her beloved husband, Mr. Perez, both are in the circle of investors and influencers who are involved in music industry and entertainment known as Hova Circle of Influence. The success of her clients is what makes her efforts and strength noticeable from the crowd of the male-dominated platforms and industries. She is behind many celebrities through her effort to transform them into something great. Desiree Perez’s character is full of energy in success, compassion, consistency, and toughness among others that are key to making big strides in the music industry and the entire business world.

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What Alex Pall Looks Forward To

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You can look at what’s currently happening in the world of music and not see the Chainsmokers. Everyone knows who they are and what they’ve done. Many people can look at it and see the inspiration for themselves. There simply aren’t many people out there who have managed to produce something as amazing with the same level of work. This has allowed them to become something more impressive than what you might commonly see. There are those who want to see more of what Alex Pall and his music is about. This is the chance to have that for themselves. Nobody else is going as far as they are or doing what they have shown themselves capable of doing. That talent and the determination is how the duo have gone as far as they have.

The most amazing thing about this music producing duo is that the Chainsmokers have managed to bring this success in such amazing numbers even as others out there appear to be a new way of thinking about today’s college students. Alex Pall has risen to the top in a way that many other artists haven’t seen. That ability to go far and to see things grow is why we realize that he has what it takes to make everything work. Pall has given everything to see his music make it to the top and emerge as the favorite of so many people. That isn’t something you can brush off or simply decide to dismiss.

There are so many reasons that they have seen the success that they have and we are just beginning to understand that. People in the past have looked at what they’ve done and fully supported it. That ability is something that we just don’t see that much overall. It’s an amazing thing and it will change so much of what we know and appreciate, but this is only the beginning. There is a lot more to be seen and understood overall. This is just the beginning of what has been found to be their way of doing things for the entirety of their careers.

Chainsmokers Latest Single Sick Boy is a Reflection of Modern Society

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Sick Boy is a song that is about the division and current mental health issues that is taking place within American society. The song was released by The Chainsmokers in January of 2018 and it represents the latest chapter of music in duo’s career. In case you didn’t know, the Chainsmokers is a group that emerged from New York City in 2012. The group consists of Alex Paul and Andrew Taggart. They met each other in NYC shortly before their first single release called Erase.

Normally, Paul and Taggart would make music that reflected American life and their personal experiences. Their first wave of single releases was about love, romance and the fun part of American society. Songs such as Selfie, Good Intentions and Roses reflected the era of love and fun that many people enjoyed a few years ago.

Their biggest hits included the songs Closer, Don’t Let Me Down, Paris and Something Just Like This spoke of love, finding love, rebellious love, romance, sex and having a good time. Alex Paul of the Chainsmokers revealed that the group decided to take their music in another direction in 2018. One of the reasons why they decided to make their music so dark has to do with people and their current outlook on life.

The United States is rife with mass shootings, mental health issues, division and lots of uncertainty. People are fearful, and they’re scared. Even if they enjoy love, romance and partying; they still have to deal with the negative sides of modern life. The Chainsmokers want to tap into this reality. They did not want to continue going in the same direction because they also felt that too many other groups were doing the same thing. Ultimately, Sick Boy is the group’s latest musical voyage into a new sound that is darker and more uncertain. This song truly is a reflection of modern society.

Casio Audi’s and Viper’s Success in Music

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Before he left the field to pursue business, Casio Audi was a founding member of the Viper rock band. Audi was its drummer from 1985 until 1989. The group was inspired by a combination of the rising British heavy metal music and Iron Maiden. When the group released its first demo album, The Killer Sword, both critics and fans overwhelmingly said that the group needed major fine tuning. Not a good start for the band. The album, however, has since been re-released several times. The group released their official album, Soldiers of Sunrise, followed by Theater of Fate, before Audi left. Follow Cassio Audi on Facebook.

When Audi joined the band as its drummer, he led them from struggling on their composing skills to the release of The Killer Sword. Viper was then able to tour to Brazil, then around the European and U.S. continents. All of the members of Viper are Brazilian and when they toured to Brazil, their fans there found it rather astonishing that they received as much attention as they did singing songs in English. Even almost 30 years after Audi left, Viper still remains a legend in the Brazilian rock music industry. This is largely thanks to Audi’s skills as both a drummer and a vocalist. Read more about Cassio Audi at

When Audi left the band, he first attended the University of San Paulo, where he received his MBA in Finance. Cassio has worked in financial management, real estate, and advises on matters relating to the stock exchange. To say that Audi is a Renaissance man would definitely be an understatement.


ROC Nation Executive Desiree Perez is Leaving Her Mark On the Music Industry

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Desiree Perez is a well-known powerhouse in the music industry mostly due to her role as an executive for ROC Nation. The music industry continues to grow year after year largely in part to people like Perez who bring their business savvy minds to the table and are able to propose ideas that are able to keep up with the ever involving landscape. Desiree works magic for many of her clients one of the most notable being popular artist Rihanna. Perez is said to be the key piece to the puzzle in completing a deal worth an estimated twenty-five million dollars with the tech giant Samsung so that they would promote Rihanna’s popular Anti performance tour. Perez and Rihanna are two extremely influential women in the industry due largely to the way they play off of one another. Rihanna is able to thrive in the spotlight while Desiree is more of a behind the scenes player albeit no less important. Perez often is tasked with negotiating the contracts of many notable stars like Rihanna at once which is quite the tall task given all of their respective overwhelming popularity. Perez is currently the Chief Operations Officer of ROC nation and a well-known associate of music mogul Jay-Z. She is in charge of managing the team that is running the day to day operations of ROC Nation. Perez is currently in extremely high demand by rising artists but her services do not come cheap and rightfully so. She has continued to exceed expectations and blaze a trail as a top musical executive for the foreseeable future. for more.