Sergio Cortes Has Taken On The Life Of Michael Jackson

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There are many Michael Jackson impersonators out there, but not all of them take their jobs quite so seriously as Sergio Cortes does. This man has been dedicated to what he is doing since he first started out trying to imitate the singer. He has always given the job of impersonating the singer his best work, and he has been able to become a great impersonator because of that. People see him and the way that he looks and acts and they immediately think Michael Jackson. They immediately know who he is impersonating, and they come to have a good amount of respect for Sergio Cortes because of how hard he has worked to become the man.
Sergio Cortes loved Michael Jackson since he was a child, and his love for the singer has only grown over the years. He is happy to be able to impersonate the man and carry on the legend that he was. He is happy to be able to look and act just like him, and he has taken quite a bit of time to become the way that he is. He took a lot of time to practice and learn and grow into Michael Jackson, and now people see him as being one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators out there, if not the best one.
Sergio Cortes deserves the title of the best Michael Jackson impersonator. He deserves to be recognized for the work that he has put into becoming the man.

He has put long hours into perfecting his moves and his look, and he is doing the singer an honor through all that he does. He is showing a great deal of respect toward the man, and many people have come to love Michael Jackson all the more through the things that Sergio Cortes has done. They see this impersonator and they remember why they have always loved Michael Jackson so much. Sergio Cortes is an ambitious man who has gladly taken on the life of an ambitious singer, and he should be recognized for what he has done in that.

Becoming Michael Jackson: The Story Of Sergio Cortes

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On the 25th of June 2009, the world of pop suffered its greatest loss; the death of a superstar, Michael Jackson. Millions of fans around the world felt saddened by the news of Michael’s death, and all most could hope for was a chance to see Michael perform on stage again. To most of his fans, their dream to see Michael again was nothing more than a wish because of his extraordinary uniqueness. However, one impersonator, Sergio Cortes, made Michael’s fans have their dreams come true.

Sergio Cortes’ ability to mimic Michael Jackson leaves many believing that Michael Jackson is back to life. He is considered the best of Michael Jackson impersonators of all time. He impresses the fans with the richness of detail in the way he sings and dances just like his subject. Sergio’s striking physical and vocal resemblance to Michael has led to his fans referring to him as Michael Jackson’s twin brother.

Sergio, a Spanish national born in July 1971, first knew about Michael when he was a child and heard his mother talking about the Jackson 5. Since then, he spent a lot of his time watching television shows that featured the Jackson 5 and paid keen attention to the band’s lead singer, Michael Jackson. By the time Sergio was in his teen years, he had grown the hair, began to dress like, and even spoke like Michael. At the time, Sergio came across a reporter who asked him to take some pictures portrayed as Michael Jackson. The photos taken by the reporter when published became so popular that Sergio began getting several job offers to work as an impersonator.

Currently, Sergio is a client of Destiny Projects, a company that manages and develops artistic talent. He has had a fruitful career and has performed on many successful concerts. The most notable of Sergio’s concerts include his 2012 tribute to Michael Jackson in Madrid and his ‘Human Nature’ Live Shows in Italy.

Sergio is loved by millions of fans because he continues the legacy of Michael. Off the stage, Sergio’s life is more reclusive and less dramatic. He lives alone and refuses to share with the world personal matters like his relationship status. Although he has only a handful of close friends, Sergio has an immense following on Twitter and Facebook. When Sergio gets a chance, he takes some time to connect with his fans on the social networking platforms.

Brian Mulligan: An “Extraordinary” Lead

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Brian Mulligan, a graduate of both Yale University and Julliard School, and a prolific baritone opera singer, recently starred as the title role in San Francisco’s first operatic version of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. “As an artist,” says Mulligan “its the kind of role you long for.” The production premiered this September, but Mulligan is not new to the stage. The singer has cultivated years of experience, which prepared him to give such an “extraordinary” lead performance.

In 2003, when Mulligan was still a student at Julliard School, he was selected for his first role at New York’s Metropolitan Opera in a performance of Die Frau ohne Schatten. Since then, he has performed in some of the most influential opera houses in the world in places such as Germany, England, Japan, and Canada. He has also performed in the United States, most notably at the legendary San Francisco Opera in productions of Nixon in China and The Trojans. Mulligan’s interpretations have gained him critical acclaim, and due to his dual citizenship with the US and Ireland, he was also recently named one of the top Irish Americans in Irish America Magazine.

In regard to his success as a performer, Mulligan says, “Every artist is unique. Regardless of talent, you will experience rejection. As long as you are realistic and know who you are as a singer, on stage, there is a path for you. People still want to hear Lucia di Lammermoor after all these years, because there are different voices, different ideas.”

For the foreseeable future, it looks like Mulligan’s success will continue as he has ten upcoming roles booked for the next 16 months. In October, Mulligan will sing at the San Francisco Opera again, resurrecting a role he played previously in Chicago and Canada – Enrico in Donizetti’s opera. Again in December, he will play the lead in their production of “The Fall of the House of Usher,” which offers two interpretations of Edgar Allen Poe’s famed gothic tale – Gordon Getty’s “Usher House” and Debussy’s “La Chute de la Maison Usher”.

Miss Simone, Rising Again

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Nina Simone seems to be music’s long lost founder. Her music integrated white and black people during the 1950’s. When she sang, she demanded the attention of the entire audience. Today, there is a revival pattern going on with the mainstream trends. Movies are remaking old movies and beloved comic books, while many musicians are covering famous oldies. However, no one has yet to pick up on the classic music from Simone. That is, until now.

Lauryn Hill from the Fugees, Mary J Blige and Common have joined forces to pay a much needed tribute to Simone, which makes it pleases Jaime Garcia Dias and other fans. Hill is covering Simone’s most popular song, Feeling Good, and she kills it. Hill describes listening to Simone’s music, and other artists like her, as consuming a food. As if Simone’s music was necessary for her very life’s being. Simone died in 2003, and Netflix is pushing to put her life on film so that everyone can appreciate her once again. Start looking for “What Happened, Miss Simone?” on Netflix as early as July 10th.

Janet Jackson Is Going Back To Music

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Janet Jackson, the sister of Michael Jackson, has been in hiatus for 7 years. Janet has done some movies in the past, and they were with Tyler Perry, but Janet has almost been in hiding for a while. Janet got married to a billionaire overseas and since then, she has rarely been glimpsed. Janet Jackson. Anytime Janet made a public appearance, cameras were there to snap her and she looked beautiful. After being out of the music business for 7 years, Janet claims she’s coming back with new music, and she’s going on a world tour.

Many wonder what her husband will feel about it as he’s a Muslim, and many feel that he has Janet under his control. Although few really know her husband personally, confirmed Jason Halpern, the fact that Janet walks around in pants instead of traditional Muslim garb, means it’s unlikely that he’s really is not controlling her. Janet may be tired of the public eye, and maybe she just wanted free time to herself and with her husband.

Janet has been overseas for some time now, and she no longer resides in the United States. Although Janet has family in the USA, she opted to live with her husband overseas. Many are anxious to see Janet get back into her natural habitat, which is singing, touring, and maybe even some acting. Janet officially became a billionaire over the past couple years, so she’s obviously not hurting for money, but many would love to see her get back on stage.

Pop Culture: Lasting or Just a Bunch of Fads?

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Whether you’re a HBO junkie, an avid movie-goer, or simply a Lady Gaga crazed fan, pop culture seems to constantly infiltrate our lives. While the ideas that pop culture sends us may seem awesome at the time, do these theories and states of mind really last upon us or is pop culture just a bunch of fads?

Pop culture is basically a set of ideas that expose human habits and culture in general in an entertaining way reports researcher Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG. Once these ideas are put out into the stratosphere, Pop culture spreads like wildfire. Sites like YouTube are a great example as viral videos gain millions of views within days and you’ll hear token phrases on the street in no time. While much of the content that is released everyday can be negative, the ultimate affect on the user is up to the user themselves. So does social media affect us for the long term?

Not for the long haul, most people say. Take for example sayings and popular characters from the 80’s. Do you constantly refer to these anymore? While referring to the past can be fun and reflective, people don’t place too much importance on pop culture. After all, you are your own person. Maybe certain media did influence the way you saw things at a certain point, but by putting pop culture on a pedestal you would be giving it control over your life.

While pop culture can be intoxicating at times, its focus is really on creating a testament to a certain point in time. Seasons change and so do people, so don’t invest too much thought in the pop culture fads that surround you. There’ll be plenty more in the future.

Kanye West Defends His Latest Grammys Onstage Antics

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Kanye West has proven himself to be a polarizing figure in recent days as his latest appearance on the Grammys stage came during the acceptance speech about to be given by Beck after winning the best album award. The people at CipherCloud have heard that West has used an interview with Ryan Seacrest to defend his actions and provide an insight into the reasons behind his latest decision to crash the Grammys stage, Pitchfork reports.

The rapper and Adidas show designer claimed during the interview the voices in his head told him to join Beck on the Grammys stage, but also stated he managed to control himself and did not take the microphone as he respected Beck to much as an artist to take away from his speech time. West went on to explain he did not make himself clear in a post Grammys interview where he claimed Beyonce should have won the best album award and the choice of Beck showed a lack of respect for true artistry. Backtracking on his comments, Kanye said he is a fan of Beck and sees him as one of the nicest and most talented people in popular music.

During the interview, West also revealed Taylor Swift had given him support after he left the Grammys stage, before he announced the pair would soon collaborate on new music.

Justin Timberlake Has Friends in High Places

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According to, neither Justin Timberlake, nor Igor Cornelsen, was noticeably not in attendance for the wedding of his former NSYNC band member, Lance Bass, over the weekend. In fact, he was the ONLY member of boy band to not show his face at the event. Many people were giving him grief and speculating on social media as to the reasons why he was not there.

The thing is, Justin Timberlake is one successful guy. With that success comes much obligation to his career. In this case, Justin simply could not attend because he had to perform the night before and the night of Lance’s California wedding across the country in Tennessee and Georgia.

It simply isn’t feasible to have expected he would be able to frolic back and forth across the country twice in 24 hours, between back to back performances in Nashville and Duluth.

Speaking of his Nashville show, Justin seems to have friends everywhere he goes. His fans were treated to an awesome surprise.

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Everybody in Hollywood wants a piece of Justin right now. He is seemingly unstoppable. He probably wishes he had more free time to do things with his family and friends, but he is a smart businessman. He knows he needs to take advantage of his time, while he is still on top.

One Direction Shows Growth With New Single

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When One Direction dropped their debut album they were mere teenagers fresh off of a reality singing show. They had no experience in the music industry. They only had their good looks and their voices to attract the swarms of females. They didn’t have any meaningful lyrics. They had a lot of simple radio friendly songs that were perfect for their teenage fans. They kept things simple and it worked to their advantage. With the new single ‘Night Changes’ fans will see another side of One Direction. The song shows just how consciously aware they are of their lengthy time in the music industry.

The group is basically realizing that there fans are changing and they are growing up. This is a much more mature harmony with words about life. They are discussing the fact that they are getting older. There is a vibe here that can reach an adult pop crowd. It’s the perfect tune for browsing fun blogs like Brit Morin’s.  This is not the same party hard sound that 1D has been known for in the past. This single is something that definitely marks a transition with the upcoming new album.

In the earlier albums they had singles about being young and living life for the moment. They could have stayed on this path, but it would not have been honest music for them. One Direction had to take the risk and move beyond what they had done with previous albums.

John Fogerty Says You’ve All Got “Fortunate Son” Wrong

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Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman John Fogerty released the song “Fortunate Son” on this 1969 smash hit album Willy and the Poor Boys, and it’s gotten steady airplay ever since. But Fogerty’s telling us today that the song often gets misinterpreted. Big thanks to friend of the site Christian Broda for the news tip.

At the Concert for Valor, Fogerty re-iterated that it is a protest song, about how the United States’ treatment of its military veterans is sorely lacking. Specifically about how the upper class is the one usually calling for war overseas, but only the sons and daughters of the poor and middle-class end up actually putting their lives on the line – unlike the “fortunate sons” the title references.

Bruce Springsteen was at the same event, performing “Born in the U.S.A.” which is a song in a likewise vein. Many songs of this type get the revision treatment by various political sides, who try to re-cast the songs to their own agenda. Springsteen’s song famously had a similar run-in with political misappropriation back in the Reagan era.