Zayn Surfaces with Unexpected New Music

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When Zayn Malik released new music no one would have guessed that it would be rap. This seems insane when people consider all the pop success that he had with One Direction. Gianfrancesco Genoso told that the track was leaked, and there is a lot of controversy about it.

Lots of people in the pop world were surprised to hear this track, but a lot of this surprise comes from the controversy surrounding the production. Zayn has been working with Naughty Boy who is known primarily for his work, in America, with Sam Smith. Naughty Boy is big in the UK, but he hasn’t made much of a name for himself in the states yet. Another producer, Mic Righteous, has also claimed production credits for the track. There is still no word on who leaked it though.

There are a lot of odd things surrounding this track. It is something that has become rather odd because this just isn’t the type of music that Zayn is known for. Fans of One Direction aren’t going to gravitate to this even though he may pick up a new crowd. Malik seems to be facing the same dilemma that lots of pop stars have when they have been squeaky clean. Malik wants a gritty sound, but he has to break from One Direction to get it. In doing so there will be a price to pay because he will lose fans.