Some Places Never Change, Except For New Brunswick

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You might think a place like New Brunswick never changes. After all it has always been the home of Rutgers University, the Johnson & Johnson corporation, and remains the county seat. As the 20th century waned, New Brunswick grappled with all the same issues plaguing many cities across North America. Property values had taken a dive as more and more real estate became neglected and abandoned. Immigration was brisk, but jobs were scarce. However, the good citizens of New Brunswick rose to the challenge. Slow but steady progress was made and is still being made. The progress is, overall, quite significant.

The NJ Spotlight published an article about the wonderful about-face New Brunswick has effected in the last four decades. It has a new modern skyline and a new image. The leaders in this fine reemerging city have groomed New Brunswick to be more like the city of Cambridge, in New Jersey. The previous generation are mostly passed and their former heritage culture has too. The main employer remains Johnson & Johnson, a company that purposely decided not to join the exodus other companies made. Instead, the company became the starter of a revitalized New Brunswick.

Rutgers University became increasingly a part of local plans for development and encouraged many private companies with strong businesses to commit to urban renewal and improve the commercial, residential, and academic environment of the city. The millennials were demanding more friendly mass transit to commute for work and play to this more hip, more modern New Brunswick. Boraie Development LLC designed and built the Aspire, with beautifully architecture this residential high-rise stands near the center of town. Boraie saw the great potential of New Brunswick to become a bedroom community that has direct daily access to Philadelphia and New York.

The Aspire has become the centerpiece indeed. Located nearby the train station, it offers 2-bedroom apartments with as much hip style as a Manhattan loft, but at a quite lower price. Each unit is the definition of ‘cool’ with a community-style lounging area and a full kitchen. The building has a fitness and yoga center, a full-time doorman, and even a garden patio area on the roof. Along with this, Boraie has built the Robert Wood Johnson Health and Wellness Plaza, helping to improve and maintain the urban population’s physical health. In many ways, New Brunswick is poised to become a new center of activity with a new focus for a new generation.