Brian Mulligan: An “Extraordinary” Lead

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Brian Mulligan, a graduate of both Yale University and Julliard School, and a prolific baritone opera singer, recently starred as the title role in San Francisco’s first operatic version of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. “As an artist,” says Mulligan “its the kind of role you long for.” The production premiered this September, but Mulligan is not new to the stage. The singer has cultivated years of experience, which prepared him to give such an “extraordinary” lead performance.

In 2003, when Mulligan was still a student at Julliard School, he was selected for his first role at New York’s Metropolitan Opera in a performance of Die Frau ohne Schatten. Since then, he has performed in some of the most influential opera houses in the world in places such as Germany, England, Japan, and Canada. He has also performed in the United States, most notably at the legendary San Francisco Opera in productions of Nixon in China and The Trojans. Mulligan’s interpretations have gained him critical acclaim, and due to his dual citizenship with the US and Ireland, he was also recently named one of the top Irish Americans in Irish America Magazine.

In regard to his success as a performer, Mulligan says, “Every artist is unique. Regardless of talent, you will experience rejection. As long as you are realistic and know who you are as a singer, on stage, there is a path for you. People still want to hear Lucia di Lammermoor after all these years, because there are different voices, different ideas.”

For the foreseeable future, it looks like Mulligan’s success will continue as he has ten upcoming roles booked for the next 16 months. In October, Mulligan will sing at the San Francisco Opera again, resurrecting a role he played previously in Chicago and Canada – Enrico in Donizetti’s opera. Again in December, he will play the lead in their production of “The Fall of the House of Usher,” which offers two interpretations of Edgar Allen Poe’s famed gothic tale – Gordon Getty’s “Usher House” and Debussy’s “La Chute de la Maison Usher”.

Exceptional Physiotherapist Brian Mulligan

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In the world of Physiotherapy, there are few who stand out so prominently as Brian Mulligan. Graduating the NZ School of Physiotherapy in 1954, he has been a member of the New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists (NZSP) and many others over the years. He brandishes many positions and titles with various organizations such as an Honorary Fellowship of the NZ Society of Physiotherapists, an Honorary Life Memberships of the NZ Society of Physiotherapists and of the NZ Manipulative Therapists Association, Honorary Membership of the NZ College of Physiotherapy, also holding an Honorary Teaching Fellowship at the University of Otago, New Zealand.

Although Brian Mulligan retired from clinical practice after over forty years in practice in 2000, he continues to teach internationally at seminars for physiotherapists and medical practitioners, bringing in large crowds. During this time, he has found a way to teach the Mulligan Concept of Manual Theory internationally through setting up an organization in 1995 to accredit teachers. There are 48 Mulligan Concept Teachers Associations (MCTA) currently, in 18 nations. A text book titled Manual Therapy: Nags, Snags, MWMs, etc” has been authored by Brian Mulligan, is in its sixth edition, revised and updated to include information on Mobilisations with Movement (MWMs) for the shoulder girdle making it a must have for anyone in the musculoskeletal field.

During his outstanding career in the field, he has received several esteemed awards such as the Ball Dynamics Award for Excellence in a Published Case Study and the Award of Excellence of the World Confederation of Physical Therapists. Most recently, at the World Confederations for Physical Therapy (WCPT) conference in Vancouver, he was honored with an International Service to the Profession Award for making exceptional contributions to the field with his development and teaching of the Mulligan Concept, a way of mobilization with movement. Brian Mulligans revolutionary techniques and teaching has brought about many advances in the field of physiotherapy, and he continues to help mold young minds with the most up-to-date practices.

Housing Market Sees Mixed Signals In Recovery

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The housing market has struggled ever since the 2008 recession. Despite the economic recovery over the past seven years, housing has not demonstrated consistent growth like economic indicators have. Large construction projects owned by Shaygan Kheradpir
are still hard to come by, and most remain rentals, as banks have shown a reluctance to finance for sale projects such as condominiums.

Recent housing data continues to send mixed signals. Although multi family housing starts have increased over the past several months, single family home starts for June of 2015 were at a three month low. This is particularly surprising given that June is the start of the construction season.

The mixed data from the housing market will require investors to give particularly strong scrutiny to their investments. Some Real Estate Investment Trusts continue to go forward and recruit new investment minds. The NexPoint Residential Trust has appointed James Dondero as Chairman of the Board. Dondero, the President of Highland Capital Management, will provide leadership to Nexpoint as it seeks investment opportunities in a turbulent real estate market.

It may be too much for real estate investors to ask for the sky high returns of the 1990s and early 2000s. As the recent data shows, the real estate recovery remains sporadic, and investors looking to recoup profits from the market will have to be prepared for greater volatility than in the past.

The New Jersey real estate market looks for a stronger future

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As the global stock markets and real estate industry has slowly returned to financial good health the real estate markets of New Jersey have largely remained in a 2006 slump. Realty Today explains the still shrinking new Jersey markets have very few bright spots as a low population level and lack of investment since 2006 have seen prices stall and foreclosure rates remain above eight percent. One bright spot on the horizon is the Boraie Development LLC led the redevelopment of New Brunswick, which has taken company leader Omar Boraie more than four decades to complete, but is now reaping major rewards.

Experts believe New Jersey should be a shining star in the US real estate industry because of its close proximity to New York and the low population levels that allow the chance for development to take place. However, New Jersey remains stranded by high property taxes and a lack of industrial investment that has seen the real estate market so far fail to escape the problems first encountered in 2006. Boraie Development led New Brunswick redevelopment has seen abandoned buildings turned into housing developments and shopping facilities. In fact, New Brunswick has been inspired by the downtown areas of New York and used this model to become one of the few areas of economic growth in the state.

New Jersey has faced a large number of problems in recent years, which have added to the problems with the real estate market. However, the real estate market in New Jersey has always been hampered by the low level of population growth that remains under the national average across the US. Developments like those led by Omar Boraie in New Brunswick are showing how changing the way areas within New Jersey are viewed can have a positive effect on the New Jersey real estate market long into the future.