How to Save Money on Dog Food

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Feeding Fido can be very expensive, and for many homeowners, a small burden. Some people might think that a dog food couldn’t possibly cost an arm and a leg, but the truth of the matter, feeding your dog a quality, nutritious product can be very expensive. Luckily there are a number of ways to cut the costs of your dog food. In this article, we will take a look at some of the very best ways to trim your dog food costs without cutting down on the quality of product like in Beneful that you are serving your furry friend.

Tip One: Use Coupons

It’s the oldest money-saving trick in the book, and by clipping, scanning and printing, the costs of your dog food can be drastically reduced. There are many ways to find coupons; take advantage of as many as possible. First, look at the website of the brand you wish to buy. Oftentimes there will be money-saving coupons right there. Also, look to find out if there is an email club or a dog clubs, because many times these clubs yield special coupons sent to your home and email box.

Tip Two: Shop Online

These days it is simple to go online to make your dog food purchase, and doing so is a great way to keep more cash in hand. Choose your online shop wisely, and enjoy home delivery, no trips to the store, lower prices, and more.

Tip Three: Buy in Bulk

Buying your dog food in bulk is a good idea since you’ll always have a supply of food on hand for your dog, and can save so much money at the same time. Keep in mind not to buy too large of a quantity, as it can go stale quickly, and chances are your pet will not want to eat it.

Tip Four: Purchase Beneful

Beneful is a dog food created by Purina. The food is wholesome, nutritious, and available in several great flavors that dogs love. It is also affordably priced, because Purina believes that your dog should have quality foods that aren’t out of the budgets of most people. Both wet and dry versions of Beneful is available, with several specialty packages available.

Tip Five: Compare, Compare, Compare

Comparing the costs of dog food is one of the best ways to save money. Not only should you compare the brands and varieties available, also compare suppliers as well. Not every supplier will provide the same price, so it is only with comparisons that you’ll get those super low prices that you desire.

Tip Six: Make your Own

Homemade dog food saves a lot of money, if you have the time. Feedng your dog homemade dog foods also ensures that your dog is getting wholesome ingredients that keep him healthy and living the fullest life possible.

Saving money on the cost of dog food is simple with the six tips above put to use!

How Purina Leveraged Puppies And Digital Media In Its Ad Campaigns

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Purina Pet Care is a multi-national brand that spans the globe with food and products for household pets. Purina dog food is the most well-known of all its products, and the Purina news has started to branch out into new media channels. A recent digital ad campaign in advance of the Grammy Awards proved that the power of puppies is strong when releasing digital content. This article explains how Purina used a couple puppies to change the way their business is marketed.

#1: Creating New Ads

Purina has been in the business of making commercials for quite a long time, and everyone in America has seen at least on Purina Puppy Chow commercial. The brand is a household name, but people are leaving cable providers every day in favor of digital TV outlets. Americans watch TV on streaming devices, online and in video clips. Purina chose to maximize the effectiveness of their new ad campaign by going digital in all the right ways.

#2: Where Did The Commercials Go?

The ads for the Grammys were released online a few weeks before the event. Snippets of each new commercial were posted to YouTube, and users were invited to comment or share the videos. Everyone loves puppies, and the new commercials were shared online through social media at a rate that was higher than anything the company has experienced in the past. The 8% engagement rate was high for Purina, and the digital commercials simply prepared customers for the full ads that would run during the Grammys.

#3: The Power Of Puppies

The commercials released by Purina use puppies in a way that tugs at the hearts of most Americans. People love dogs in America, and any commercial that features puppies is going to be shared across every social media outlet at the same time. Teenagers love dogs, young adults love dogs, middle aged people love dogs and seniors love dogs. People were sharing the new Purina commercials because the dogs were cute, and Purina was benefiting with improved marketing.

The Purina marketing strategy that led up to the Grammy Awards marked a new step in the advertising of an American icon. Releasing cute commercials featuring puppies online allowed customers to share the ads on social media. People who did not watch the Grammys still saw the commercials, and people watching the Grammys were further moved by the way each commercial was produced.

Nestle Purina Petcare: Quality Pet Care Products And Great Corporate Citizen

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Nestle Purina Petcare is a worldwide leader in the production of high quality pet food and pet care products. It is also a great corporate citizen that donates large amounts of money to research on pet health issues, gives tons of pet food for displaced animals, and has shown unwavering support for pet shelters. The company also produces a wide range of pet food designed to meet the needs of pet owners regardless of their economic standing. Whether you are rich, poor, or somewhere in between, there is sure to be quality Nestle Purina Petcare products you can afford to give to the pets you love.

Founded in 1894 by William H. Danforth as the Robinson-Danforth Commission Company, Nestle Purina Petcare has grown to become the most popular pet food and pet products company in the United States and the second largest worldwide. From its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, the company generates over $11 billion a year in sales worldwide. It also serves as a model for the positive impact a corporation can have on the consumers that use its products and the people that produce it. Not only does Nestle Purina Petcare produce some of the best pet food on the planet, the company is always trying to reduce its carbon footprint by reducing the amount of packaging it uses.

The company as currently formatted was created in 2001 when Nestlé acquired Ralston Purina and combined it with its Friskies Petcare Company. The result was a company with a reputation for creating some of the most nutritious, highest quality pet food and products in the industry. The company produces and markets pet products for cats and dogs under some of the industry’s most popular brands.

Some of their products for dogs includes ALPO, Purina Pro Plan, Purina ONE, Purina Veterinary Diets, Beyond, Beneful, Purina Dog Chow, Purina Puppy Chow, Just Right by Purina, Busy, T-Bonz dog snacks, Beggin, Chef Michael′s, Mighty Dog, SecondNature, Moist & Meaty, and Waggin’ Train. Their line of products for cats includes brands like Fancy Feast, Purina Pro Plan, Purina ONE, Friskies, Purina Veterinary Diets, Purina Cat Chow, Beyond, Tidy Cats, Friskies Party Mix, Whisker Lickin′s, Kit & Kaboodle, Deli-Cat, and Yesterday′s News Cat Litter.

If you are looking for the most nutritious, best tasting pet food and the highest quality pet products just check out the Purina news featured on the Newscenter to find everything under the sun.

Miley Cyrus Shows Her New Pet Cat To The World

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Miley Cyrus was recently singing a song about her pet fish that died, and the song led her to break down in tears. Miley is well known to be a pet person, and she has lost at least a couple pets in the recent past. Miley Cyrus’s New Cat. Getting another pet won’t necessarily ease the pain of the loss of another pet, but it can help to put your focus on a new life. Miley recently got a very small white kitty and it’s absolutely adorable.

Miley posted a picture to her Instagram account with herself holding the kitty in her arms like a baby. It’s obvious that it’s a newborn kitty, and the kitten is absolutely adorable. Miley nicknamed the cat a very long title but we’ll call it “Shanti” for short. Miley is very proud of her new kitten, and more than likely she’ll end up making songs about this pet as well.

The kitten looks exactly like the cat that used to be in the Fancy Feast commercials for the cat food. Miley posted several pictures of herself with the cat, and she’s playing with it and it looks so small and innocent. The cat is seriously tiny, and it looks so small, cute, and innocent. No matter what, Miley is a great pet owner, and Shanti couldn’t want a better owner than Miley Cyrus. Here’s to the new edition to Miley Cyrus’s family, Shanti.

So I gotta thank my bud Kevin Seawright for sharing this cute Miley news, what an adorable cat (