Adam Milstein Says Antisemitism Is A More Serious Issue Than Ever Now

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It’s now time to expose how deep antisemitism runs in certain college activist groups and tackle ways to defeat the lies and propaganda they put out. That is what Israeli-American journalist, businessman and philanthropist Adam Milstein says it is time to do in his Jewish News Syndicate article. He notes that a lot of organizations on campuses have voted to block Jewish students from serving in leadership roles when antisemitic Muslim groups and progressive leftists have held power, and various campus boycotts against Jewish groups have been held. Milstein calls on parents and community leaders to prepare their young people to face and be ready to fight these groups, and he said that he and liberal donor Haim Saban are working on building a counter task force to fight college antisemitism.

Adam Milstein got involved in supporting Jewish-American campus activism a little over 10 years ago when he founded the Israeli-American Council in partnership with his foundation. But he originally came from Haifa, Israel where he grew up in a working family and also served several years in the Israeli Defense Forces. He studied economics and business at the Technion Israeli Institute of Technology and earned his bachelor’s degree, and then he took his wife and daughters to the US where he’s lived ever since in Los Angeles. He then finished his master’s degree and became a commercial real estate broker for a public firm for several years, but then he and his friend David Hager formed their own real estate firm known as Hager Pacific Properties.

Adam Milstein decided to go into philanthropy in part because it’s given his daily schedule structure, but also because he felt there was quite a large group of disaffected Israelis living in the US who didn’t feel at home. The groups he helped form under the IAC’s auspices have helped to give these people a voice and bring their accomplishments to light back in the Israeli homeland. The Adam Milstein Family Foundation has helped found organizations that educate families and promote knowledge of older customs and traditions, and they even have books they publish that teach Hebrew.

An In-Depth Look at Ryan Seacrest’s Hospitality Career

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Ryan Seacrest is known from his wide variety of hospitality opportunities which includes his radio show, On Air with Ryan Seacrest that finds itself among the best in the Los Angeles area. The iHeartMedia 102.7 KIIS-FM radio network has been previously rated as one of the best morning radio shows in southern California.

Ryan Seacrest has been featured in several annual and reoccurring entertainment programs such as the New Year’s Eve annual entertainment show prior to the midnight ball drop on ABC. Ryan Seacrest has earned a popular reputation across the nation and is most commonly known for hosting American Idol, a popular musical talent show, for a number of years.

Host Ryan Seacrest is also a large supporter of charity and serves as chairman for his own foundation dubbed the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The charity focuses on providing young adults and teenagers with the opportunity to explore their musical and entertainment based talents through initiative programs.

The average person can take a look at Ryan Seacrest’s impressive résumé and understand why he has earned the reputation and success that he has found in his career. Seacrest represents a collection of values that align with an entrepreneur lifestyle. His independent reasoning and respected personality allows him to find new ideas that could provide the entertainment industry with something fresh when it needs it. Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) will be around for a while, and to nobody’s surprise, he’ll surely find success along whichever path his career follows.

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Jeffry Schneider Taking a Different Approach to Wellness

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To Jeffry Schneider, the only challenge with most fitness fads is that they are short-lived. Jeffry reasons that for one to develop a sustainable lifestyle, trends must turn into habits which later could develop into a lifestyle. The pattern must be enjoyable, flexible, and durable. Jeffry Schneider advises that it is easier to achieve a sustainable wellness lifestyle at the workplace if approached with moderation than with complete abstinence or indulgence.

Numerous benefits result from having a well-organized wellness program at the worksite. Wellness programs that started out as dividends or rewards for employees in large organizations are now common in all levels of businesses. For instance, many corporations started adopting and implementing wellness programs within their areas of work after Google achieved employee excellence through the sessions. Exercises at the company enhanced interactions among employees, boosted their morale, and raised their levels of productivity.

With wellness programs in place, there is an assured increase in productivity, employee job satisfaction, community team building, decreased healthcare expenditure, and improved fitness. Besides, there is reduced prevalence of developing chronic diseases by reducing the health risks such as obesity and high cholesterol levels. With exercises, there is an increased weight loss and improved management of stress.


One achieves rapid weight loss if they focus on their healthy eating habits, overseeing their mental health status, and proper fitness involvement. Whether it is attending a yoga class or hitting the gym at one’s free hour, there is an assurance of improving the physical fitness of a person. One should engage actively in any physical activity that the workplace offers in a bid to enhance muscle toning and increase strength.

Active participation in physical exercises would result in a healthy workforce. Being physically fit could reduce the likelihood of becoming ill or getting injured. Thus, healthcare costs would reduce because there would be no need to visit a doctor or hospital. Lack of physical activity and unhealthy diets usually lead to the build-up of cholesterol and blood glucose. Besides, pressure could also increase substantially. Adoption of healthy behaviors such as diet change, getting active in fitness programs, and avoiding substances such as tobacco could make one reduce health risks within a short period.

Physically unfit employees could lead to reduced productivity at their workplaces. Substantial loss of productive work time could result from unhealthy individual lifestyles. Poor health habits could increase the chances of developing chronic conditions thus curtailing the productivity of people in their daily work. However, with active participation in fitness programs, one can center their thoughts precisely on how to better their business results and thus to achieve a more productive time at work.


Increased morale could exponentially decrease the probability of employees being absent from work. Wellness sessions can enhance the health of employees thus enabling them to live happy lives. The employees could become more satisfied with their jobs, therefore, get motivated to achieve more for the company. Also, wellness programs could improve the loyalty of employees thus increasing the tendency for employee retention.

Jeffry Schneider manages to keep a balanced life both at home and work. Jeffry says that with proper and routinely exercise, one can contrive to perform well at anything the day could bring their way. He wakes up early before dawn to hit the gym, jog, ride a bike or swim before going to work.

Jeffry maintains a commitment towards routine physical exercise and balanced diet through the creation of a schedule. He affirms that it is not enough to just set a wellness goal, it takes a well-laid plan to achieve better results. Besides, building a sustainable wellness profile could mean proceeding with moderation rather than just abstaining or indulging abruptly.