Why MB2 Dental is the Best Dental Practice Affiliate

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MB2 Dental is a household name for those who are in the dental industry. The company is also known as MB2 Dental Solutions and they offer services to their partners in the field. They partner with affiliated dentists as well as dental practice owners from all over the country. The idea behind MB2 Dental is to provide their affiliates with services which aid them in running their practice without giving up their clients or their standards of patient care.The good news for any dentist who would like to be affiliated with MB2 Dental is that they can get assistance in setting up their office. This does not in any way affect their autonomy in their own business. Because the firm is run by dentists, MB2 Dental understands what a practice needs. They have been in the business for many years now and they have helped many dentists in managing their practice across the country.

MB2 Dental understands that patient care is important to any dental practice. For most dentists, dealing with the non-clinical part of the dental practice can be confusing and overwhelming at the same time. This is where MB2 comes into the picture. One of the service which you can take advantage of as a MB2 Dental affiliate is human resources. The firm will handle your human resources right from recruitment to hearing complaints.Another service which you should expect is accounting and financing. For most dentists, dealing with numbers can be a headache. However, MB2 Dental makes sure that you do not have to deal with that bit of the practice. They will handle your procurement and supplies. They will also handle your staff remuneration if you agree to it.

Apart from accounting and finance, the firm also helps dental practices with compliance issues. As a practice, there are certain requirements which need to be complied with. These may range from legal requirements to licensing. The firm will also help you with the IT and billing aspects of your dental practice.The professionals have also helped their affiliates to market their dental services. It is one thing to have a dental practice and another to make it known and attract patients. Just like any business, dental practices also need branding. With MB2 Dental, you can easily achieve this since they already have a network of practices.To be an affiliate, contact MB2 Dental and see your practice grow beyond your expectations.

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Adam Milstein’s Discussion Of Hager Pacific Properties With Ideamensch

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Adam Milstein is a Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties, a large real estate investing and brokerage firm that he helped build. He’s responsible for growing company investor portfolios and procuring financing for property purchase transactions, and on the side he is involved in several Jewish philanthropies. Ideamensch wanted to know what Milstein’s job was like, so they recently sat down for an interview about his work and some of his career choices.


Milstein told Ideamensch that a day in his job has a lot of unknowns and one of the challenges he enjoys is the ever changing real estate market. For Milstein one of the keys to success is persistence and continuing to push till the results are achieved. He also says entrepreneurs should be willing to go out on their own and find the solution to the problem instead of waiting for someone else to do it because Milstein believes that problems are best solved when doing them on your own. He actually founded Hager Pacific Properties because he felt he could do better than what others were offering him at the time, so he and his friend David Hager started their own company, and Milstein names Hager as the most influential person in his life.


Adam Milstein is from Israel where he completed his formal education at the Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology and prior to that had served in the Israeli military during the Yom Kippur War. Milstein had first entered real estate while working with his father in the building framing and construction business in Israel, and after relocating to the US and completing his MBA at USC he started commercial real estate brokering. He’s also married to Gila Milstein and has three daughters.


The Milstein Family Foundation is Adam Milstein’s primary philanthropy organization, and through the foundation he and Gila have started a Hebrew learning and Jewish tradition program called Sifriyat Pijama B’America. Milstein is also a founding member and Chairman of the Israeli-American Council, an organization that brings awareness to issues affecting Israel and strengthening their relationship with the US. Milstein has spoken at many Jewish leader forums and conferences and was cited at number 39 in the Jerusalem Post’s 2016 list of Top 50 Most Influential Jews in the world.


How Eric Pulier Put His Mark On The Software Industry

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A Natural Born Leader

When you start programming in your elementary school years and you create your first company in high school, your bound for success. There is something that Eric Pulier does better than practically anyone else and that happens to be software. He emerged as a clear leader in the industry almost as soon as he left Harvard University and he has never looked back. Now, he has dozens of patents to his name and so much more to boast about.



Standing Up For Others In Need

Eric Pulier has made himself hundreds of millions of dollars over the course of years, but this hasn’t stopped him from looking out for others and trying to find a way to make the world around him a better place. This is why he gives money to many charities and spends so much time trying to do what will help others in need. He has even used his talents to help those in need such as when he helped the Starbright Foundation create the Starbright World social network. Years later the private social network shows plenty of activity from teens in hospitals around the world.



When His Country Needed Him

Pulier has shown that when someone needs help he is willing to do what he can to help those in need. After leaving office Bill Clinton wanted to do everything he can to help those in need. This is where he came up with the idea of the Clinton Initiative. Clinton knew that no one was better suited to help out with this project than Eric Pulier. He invited him to join and Pulier agreed. Now, he continues to help people on a much larger scale from important challenges like global warming and world hunger.


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