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Dr. Jennifer Walden is among the top cosmetic surgeons in the United States. She has practiced this part of medicine for many years and has established herself as an expert in this medical specialty. Walden spent years studying medicine and gaining experience through her residency. After completing medical school, Dr. Walden decided to get into cosmetic surgery as it would enable her to help others improve their appearance. Jennifer studied medicine in Texas before moving to New York City to practice. She would eventually move back to Texas where she currently works as a cosmetic surgeon. As well as being a very successful surgeon, Jennifer has also authored books about the field. Therefore, she has had a well rounded career as both a practicing surgeon as well as a medical writer.


When she first decided to get into medicine, Dr. Walden attended medical school in Texas. She would accumulate the knowledge necessary to eventually become a practicing physician. While attending medical school, Dr. Walden decided to become a cosmetic surgeon. As she completed medical school, she looked for a number of opportunities to get a residency in this medical specialty. Dr. Walden would get an opportunity in New York City where she would learn under some of the top cosmetic surgeons in the United States. Over the course of her residency, she would learn how to provide the best patient care as well as all of the best surgical procedures available. After she completed her residency, she would begin her own practice to provide cosmetic surgery independently.


As a practicing physician, Dr. Jennifer Walden would continue to serve patients by helping them enhance they way they look as well as correcting any deformities. Over time, Jennifer would establish a reputation of being one of the very best in her field. Eventually, Dr. Walden wanted to move back to Texas to be with her family. As a result, she moved back to her home state and currently practices there. She continues to provide excellent cosmetic surgery to patients as well as encouraging future physicians to pursue their goals in the field of medicine.

Background And Procedure For Jennifer Walden Plastic Surgeon

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Jennifer Walden has always wanted to be a plastic surgeon. It all began around her eighth grade in school. She made the decision to pursue a career in medicine. This is probably because her father and mother are both in the medical field. Exposure to careers will guide decisions sometimes.


She began to make her mark, in the world, when she entered the University of Texas. Her years in college were typical of a young woman on a mission. She received good grades and made the efforts necessary to enter medical school. After completing medical school, New York was the place to be. She took a job with a surgeon in New York. Walden won several awards and began to become a remarkable addition to the medical community.


After a time period in New York, Jennifer Walden made the decision to move back to Texas. Austin was her destination of choice. Her family would be close and her twin sons could enjoy their company and the same type life she did. Her sons are enjoying, participating in the sports programs, as she is enjoying watching them. Soccer was her sport of choice in high school and may end up being a favorite of her sons.


After moving to Austin Texas, Jennifer opened up her own Satellite office. She began helping give lectures on things like wrinkles, aging gracefully, vaginal rejuvenation, and teenage plastic surgery. These issues were some of the most delicate and sensitive issues to talk about. She has appeared on ABC and other talk shows to discuss these sensitive subjects. Offering a solution to a problem is her main objective in medicine.


She began giving people the options of noninvasive change vs surgery. Botox is one way of doing a facelift without cutting. Botox helps the face and neck areas the most by filling up the creases with the filler. A needle is injected under the skin and a filler is released into the indention lines. This procedure may cause a little bruising at the injection site. It usually lasts a few months. Botox and Laser are two of the favorite noninvasive procedures on the market today and Jennifer is happy to include them in her office.