George Soros Sorrows in a Troubled World under Donald Trump

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Gorge Soros staunch criticism of the new president looks poised to remain steadfast in the coming days. There is no love lost between the two. Neither party even tries to make an attempt to sugarcoat the rocky relationship that exists between them. Just the other day, Soros was quoted in the papers saying that Donald Trump was nothing more but an imposter who would most certainly turn up to be the worst dictator.

Speaking in Davos

These strong utterances came as the 86 year old Hungarian-born and American raised investor attended the World Economic Forum in Davos on The Holocaust survivor went ahead to reiterate that the president-elect was a perfect antithesis of what an open society ought to be. To George Soros, Trump is grossly incompetent, and he has no idea of how to run a government.

The problem according to Soros is that Trump has the worst possible advisors on Politico around him. That, coupled with his misconstrued ideals and guiding maxims makes up for one deadly scenario moving forward. Another issue is that the win came as a complete surprise to The Donald. Trump was just marketing his brand being the remarkable salesman he is.

Soros halts all Investments in the US

Predicting the next six days, leave alone the next six months is a daunting task with President Trump. No wonder Soros has firmly confirmed that George Soros is keeping clear of any investments in the coming months, years. Trump spells doom for business prospects, worldwide.

On China

On the ultra-sensitive issue of China on Snopes, Soros had this to say. Trump is most likely going to cause China to become the number one economy in the world. All in all, the US has lost its clout as being the defender of justice, equality, democracy and what is right, in the eyes of George Soros.

The harsh rhetoric can be traced to the fact that, one, Soros openly campaigned and funded the Hillary Clinton campaign and two, the investor lost close to a billion dollars following the election of The Donald. In another essay published in the Business Insider, George Soros bids farewell to the investment world terming the climate as being ‘troubled.’

The Future

On a positive note, however, the seasoned observer remarked that he has faith in the American systems. He believes that the masses will see through the deceits and the reckless abandon of the 45th president of the USA and ultimately make the right decisions.

Soros Philanthropic Contributions

Soros has made billions. He has also donated billions to all manner of charities and noble causes across the world. He is never shy to pick a political side unlike many of his billionaire peers. He has always been a true democrat. Soros is the founder and Chairman of the Open Society Foundations.