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Bulletproof Coffee is both an innovative and healthy new product that has been created with the intention of making coffee good again. This product was created by Dave Asprey in 2009 and has been growing in popularity ever since then. Even actresses such as Shailene Wood and Maya Rudolph have raved about this healthy new product that brings the focus back into their morning fog.

The secret to making Bulletproof an upgraded coffee is butter. Butter, though not traditionally used, is an excellent substitute for that unhealthy cream. Butter adds both richness and warmth to every sip of coffee.

The reason why butter is the healthier option in your Bulletproof Coffee is because of the nutritious value that is offered. Though fat is not considered to be healthy, this grass-fed butter offers the fat that the body needs in order to burn calories quicker. Compare your morning breakfast. Think of drinking this 460 calorie beverage in the morning. Although this may seem like a lot of calories, compare the numbers with your purchased Starbucks breakfast. Think of that latte you had that was 200 calories that washed down a 700 calorie blueberry muffin. This 900 calorie breakfast will leave you hungry within the hour.

Comparing the a breakfast offered at Starbucks is this rich cup of coffee that will leave you full until the next meal. Grass-fed butter, being the secret to this delicious cup of coffee will change the way you think of your morning routine.

The secret behind success of the Bulletproof Coffee brand is the beans that are produced. These beans are grown on a special plot of land in Central America that are harvested by experienced harvesters. The beans are grown in such a way that no chemicals are added to the beans through fermentation or through the sunlight.

Once these beans are harvested, they are transported to a roaster. This is not just any roaster, it is the number one roaster in the world. These beans are put in small batches into the roaster and then are roasted to perfection. This process may be expensive but it is the path Bulletproof coffee must take in order to ensure that each cup of coffee is both flavorful and full of antioxidants. This cup of coffee will not only brighten up your day but will have you addicted to no other brand but the specially made Bulletproof Coffee brand.