What Rick Smith Means to the Prison Industry

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The prison industry is a huge sector of business and something people compete to be a part of on a daily basis. Rick Smith is at the forefront of it because he was one of the first people to really start diving into how prisons can take advantage of technology. He works to make things easier for the prisoners, but he is really doing it so things are easier for the administration. By using technology, Rick Smith is changing the way prison administrators do their jobs. He wants to make things as easy as possible for all the people who have a thankless job in the industry. It is part of what has made him so good at what he does and part of what continues to motivate him to keep working on the prison industry options he has available to different people in the sector.

Since the prisons that have the kiosks and the integrated systems are generally ones that are larger, it means more inmates are getting access to things that are easy to use. They can buy their commissary items and email their family members from the kiosks. If they have a problem and want to file a complaint, they can do that from the kiosk too. All they need is the ability to go to the kiosk and everything is handled on their own. The systems were designed to also work for those who are unable to read and for those who speak a language other than English.

Rick Smith designed these systems to look like they were convenient for prisoners, but they are actually convenient for the people who are running the prison. Rick Smith knew it would be easier for the administration to run the prisons if they had the support they needed from the technology. He also knew they wouldn’t have so many jobs to do if there was something there to do it for them. Rick Smith tried his best to make the technology work. The hard work paid off because many of the prisons that use the systems find them convenient.

Since technology is a part of life in other ways, there’s no reason that shouldn’t translate into the prison industry. Rick Smith knew this was something that would be necessary to do so he chose to take the first step toward a better future for people who were running prisons. He also wanted everyone to know they would be able to take advantage of the options they had while they were working in the prison industry. For Rick Smith to do this, he had to show people they could use the technology and it would be a benefit to them.