The Career of Ara Chackerian

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Ara Chackerian is an investor, entrepreneur, who is heavily involved in a variety of philanthropic pursuit. He is a graduate of Flordia State and has a B.S. in Marketing, and has since gone to co-founding many companies that have found great success within the business world. Chakerian is based in the San Francisco area and has become well known for the experience that he has had in various healthcare-related industries, community-oriented philanthropic endeavors, and general business. While most of his work has been related to the healthcare industry, Ara Chackerian has also been well known for his support for the environment, doing this especially through sustainability-oriented ventures and have been well known for numerous projects that strive for further opportunities for youth education.


While much of Ara Chackerian’s experience has been in the healthcare industry. Ara Chackerian co-founded many startup healthcare companies which have included TMS Health Solutions, PipelineRx, and BMC Diagnostics. In addition to this, he has also served as an Executive Vice President for the PSS/World Medical. PSS/World Medical is in charge of supplies medical products on an international scale. You can visit for more.



Charkerian’s has had over two decades of experience within the healthcare field and currently is the Managing Director of the ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. ASC Capital Holdings invest in the healthcare companies in the early stages for the startup who seek the revolutionize of healthcare in America. He has had previous experience in a number of startup companies that have proven to be invaluable to his current position. The biggest goal of the company currently is to help bridge the gap between the healthcare field and technology. Currently, Chackerian is involved deeply in Limonapa Teak, which is a teak farm which is located in Nicaragua. The farm is utilizing sustainable practices and has always had their eyes on social stewardship and responsible environmental. You can visit for more.


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Some Places Never Change, Except For New Brunswick

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You might think a place like New Brunswick never changes. After all it has always been the home of Rutgers University, the Johnson & Johnson corporation, and remains the county seat. As the 20th century waned, New Brunswick grappled with all the same issues plaguing many cities across North America. Property values had taken a dive as more and more real estate became neglected and abandoned. Immigration was brisk, but jobs were scarce. However, the good citizens of New Brunswick rose to the challenge. Slow but steady progress was made and is still being made. The progress is, overall, quite significant.

The NJ Spotlight published an article about the wonderful about-face New Brunswick has effected in the last four decades. It has a new modern skyline and a new image. The leaders in this fine reemerging city have groomed New Brunswick to be more like the city of Cambridge, in New Jersey. The previous generation are mostly passed and their former heritage culture has too. The main employer remains Johnson & Johnson, a company that purposely decided not to join the exodus other companies made. Instead, the company became the starter of a revitalized New Brunswick.

Rutgers University became increasingly a part of local plans for development and encouraged many private companies with strong businesses to commit to urban renewal and improve the commercial, residential, and academic environment of the city. The millennials were demanding more friendly mass transit to commute for work and play to this more hip, more modern New Brunswick. Boraie Development LLC designed and built the Aspire, with beautifully architecture this residential high-rise stands near the center of town. Boraie saw the great potential of New Brunswick to become a bedroom community that has direct daily access to Philadelphia and New York.

The Aspire has become the centerpiece indeed. Located nearby the train station, it offers 2-bedroom apartments with as much hip style as a Manhattan loft, but at a quite lower price. Each unit is the definition of ‘cool’ with a community-style lounging area and a full kitchen. The building has a fitness and yoga center, a full-time doorman, and even a garden patio area on the roof. Along with this, Boraie has built the Robert Wood Johnson Health and Wellness Plaza, helping to improve and maintain the urban population’s physical health. In many ways, New Brunswick is poised to become a new center of activity with a new focus for a new generation.

Bruce Levenson: Banking on Hoops

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Bruce Levenson seems like he was made for business and basketball. Born to a Jewish-American family in Washington DC in 1949, Bruce would later move to Maryland before completing his law degree at Washington University.

Striking Oil in Business

In 1977 out of his apartment, Levenson and Ed Pekowitz developed a newsletter, the Oil Express, which focused on data for the oil industry. This collaboration would later turn into a partnership in founding United Communications Group(UCG). UCG provides valuable data and analysis for the energy, technology, and banking industries among many others.

His business ventures would result in serving on the Board of Directors at both TechTarget and the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association(NEPA). But his most prominent and public achievement would appear in 2004 when he purchased the Atlanta Hawks basketball team.

Basketball Dreams

Levenson and Peskowitz formed Atlanta Spirit LLC, later named Atlanta Hawks LLC, to purchase the Atlanta Hawks from the Turner Broadcasting Group. The deal also included the Philips Arena and the partners became the majority shareholders.

By 2014, Levenson announced plans to sell his ownership of the Atlanta Hawks which also includes the Philips Arena. Valuation for the team varied wildly from $425 million to 1 billion. The Hawks group chose Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports to manage the sale. The initial bids were due on February 24th and shortly after there was some positive signs after a lengthy sales process.

In April 2015, the Atlanta Hawks had triumphantly made it to the playoffs and Levenson found a buyer. Antony Ressler led a group of investors who made an offer for approximately $850 million to Levenson. This would be both a profitable and noteworthy deal for a man whose had a string of successes.

Giving off the Court

Levenson’s passion for success also meant giving back to the community. Being a Jewish-American, Levenson identified with the struggle and persecution people went through during the Holocaust. His contribution to the Jewish community included the Jewish Federation, Birthright Israel, Seeds of Peace and the US Holocaust Museum.

Philanthropy also extended beyond his community as he’s also made considerable investments in the Community Foundation of Washington DC, I Have a Dream Foundation, and Hoops Dream Foundation who all serve in helping inner city children pursue higher education. Levenson’s remarkable drive for personal and public contribution continues in whatever arena he enters.

The Voice Contestant Dead at 28

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28-year-old Anthony Riley, a contestant that appeared on the latest season of “The Voice” died last week.

Yahoo! Music reports Riley died last Tuesday, of an apparent suicide, but wasn’t found in his basement apartment until Friday.

Riley was a favorite on the talent show, and was chosen by all four judges, but he picked team Pharrell. He won his first competitive “Battle Round”, but dropped out of the contest early to enter a rehab program.

In an interview with, Riley explained that he needed to address on-going addiction problems, and NBC producers supported him by footing the bill at a rehab facility, Clarity Way. Jim Dondero likes this move.

The Philadelphia street performer specialized in 1960s era R&B. During his stint on The Voice, he performed the songs “I Got You” and “Get Ready”.

Philadelphia Magazine also named the rising star “Philadelphia’s best street performer” in 2014.

“The network offers our deepest condolences during this very difficult time,” the NBC network said.

Kanye West Threw Out Kim Kardashian’s Shoes

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are apparently the happiest celebrity couple of all time. The famous duo recently renewed their wedding vows, and many people were surprised with Kanye’s decisions to announce his love to Kim Kardashian in front of the whole world once again. Usually, renewing wedding vows is a thing that couples do after years of marriage. However, Kanye West must have felt the need to show the world how much Kim Kardashian truly means to him.

Kim and Kanye released several new pictures of their special wedding day, but Kim also revealed that their relationship hasn’t been exactly perfect. Many Kardashian fans will be sad to know that Kanye West has made Kim Kardashian cry several times in the past. Uh oh, call the lawyer Gianfrancesco Genoso, it’s gonna happen.

Apparently, when Kanye West and Kim Kardashian moved in, Kanye decided to raid Kim’s closet. Kanye threw out hundreds of her shoes, and Kim Kardashian was distraught over the situation. In fact, Kim Kardashian wasn’t sure if their relationship was going to workout after seeing how demanding Kanye West truly is. However, Kanye only threw out her shoes in order to replace them with new and more expensive pairs. E!recently posted an article with all of the juicy details.

Kim Kardashian revealed the traumatic event to Kelly and Michael during a recording of ‘Live with Kelly and Michael.’ It should be noted that Kanye West is a fashion designer, and his fashion sense is apparently better than Kim’s. Nonetheless, it is never a good idea to throw out a woman’s shoes!

Connecting to the World With Skout

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There are a lot of apps out there that are designed to connect users to new people. I have found that Skout is the best by far. It is growing and it has become the best app for making new connections simply because there is such a large database of users. I have excelled in using this app. It has become one of the most popular apps on my phone because I discover new people every day.

When I starting using Skout I was able to make friends in different countries very quickly. It was a like having some virtual pen pals to connect with. I am pleased because this app is so easy to use. It is a global network that is easy to follow. That may be the reason that I access it so much on my phone. It opens quickly and allows me to search the database of new people with ease.

The great thing about this app is that it allows to you connect with people that can provide some solid travel advice. It has been rather easy for people to travel to Brazil and Paris during vacations because I have an inside track. Skout has allowed me to befriend some people that gave me great advice about where to stay and what sites to see.

This app has made my life easier in so many ways. Instead of using Facebook, this is much better to connect with new people. I am introduced to people on a global and a local network as well. I make friends internationally, but I have also been able to go out on a couple of dates with women I met locally through Skout. The app is so helpful with socializing that I can hardly believe that it is free. I have been able to meet some great females that have the same interests that I have. That may be the reason that I prefer this app over others. I don’t have to waste a lot of time searching for profiles. I can get connected to the people that share the same interests that I share much quicker.

Skout has a lot of competition, but so far it has remained the reigning champ. Much of this has to do with the simple fact that this app allows flirting on a global scale. There is truly someone for everyone here. You have the social directory for the globe in your hands with this awesome app.

Bruce Levenson brings UCG to a variety of industries

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The growth of a business to a fully global reach is not something that most people can achieve in the current climate of multinational companies and huge corporations. However, from its founding in 1977, the United Communications Group, UCG, has become one of the most important and best respected provider of analytics and news in the World. The company may not be one most people have heard of, largely because UCG offers its services to a variety of industries where knowledge of the latest trends can be all important. Founders Bruce Levenson and Ed Peskowitz still oversee operations at UCG as the company has moved from the oil and gas industry to provide information and statistics for the information technology industry and many others.

Levenson and Peskowitz have spent a large amount of their careers working together, Levenson was working at the Washington Star as a journalist when the pair created the Oil Express Newsletter in a store room. The newsletter took a modern stance on the problems and issues facing the oil and gas industry, with its up to date news and statistics quickly growing a large following. From this humble beginning UCG was formed and a large number of newsletters already in operation were purchased and given a makeover. Advances in technology have not been ignored by the company, who now provide the majority of their information via the Internet and in real time for those in industries where real time analytics can alter everyday decisions.

Levenson and UCG have not simply stopped at providing information and data for industrial leaders in many areas of the world. Instead, the company also developed the successful GasBuddy app that uses some of the information offered to the oil and gas industries to provide real time gas price information for consumers across the US. The high level of innovation and success achieved by Levenson has given him the chance to live a life that includes part ownership of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise and the chance to give back to many communities around the US.

Dr. Rod Rohrich

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Plenty of celebrities get surgery from world renown surgeons but us lay people can also get the treatment of the stars. Dr. Rod Rohrich is an internationally renown cosmetic surgeon and a member of academia. His mix of the academic and altruistic make Dr. Rohrich a highly respected and sought after plastic surgeon. Reconstructive and plastic surgery are the fields of his most significant contributions, along with education, facial aesthetics, and anti- aging techniques. He is board certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and has appeared on syndicated television programs. He has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, The View, and Good Morning America. Taking an innovative approach to his field, he has used extensive scientific knowledge in the new development of a breast augmentation implant. In addition to breast augmentation methods, he has published valuable information on rhinoplasty, body contouring, injectable fillers, and liposuction.

Dr. Rohrich’s approach to plastic surgery is patient based. He has written on patient safety guidelines, which put the safety of the patient as the top priority in the industry. Rohrich is a Professor and Chairman at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas Department of Plastic Surgery. In addition to this, he holds the Crystal Charity Ball Distinguished Chair in Plastic Service at the University. Other distinctions include the Betty and Warren Woodward Chair in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. His work in academia has earned Rohrich international acclaim in the medical field, with the award of the Rod J. Rohrich, M.D. Distinguished Professorship in Wound Healing and Plastic Surgery as acknowledgement for his medical prowess. In addition to working with the University he is also Editor in Chief of the medical journal of American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.He has also taught plastic surgery in third world countries.

Dr. Rohrich actively participates in organizations promoting the innovation and regulation of cosmetic surgery techniques along with resident education. His post as President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons was one in which he exercised his acumen for leadership, education, and advanced knowledge of regulations and standards within the cosmetic surgery industry. Due to his important place on various plastic surgery committees and experience within the plastic surgery field, he has authored many articles, and as many as 600 peer reviewed articles. He has authored 50 chapters in textbooks on the subjects of plastic surgery. In addition to this, He has written “Navigate Your Beauty: Smart and Safe Plastic Surgery Solutions” for patients needing guidance in their cosmetic surgery choices. In this book, a patient based approach for plastic surgery candidates is explored.

One Interesting Individual

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Who is Sam Tabar?

According to the CNBC article I just read, Mr. Sam Tabar is indeed one interesting individual. He currently is located in New York City. He is. At this time he is practicing law in New York State. He started his career as an Associate at Skadden, Arps, Slate & Flom LLP. He then moved onto business development and capital strategy. He graduated from Oxford University in the year 2000. He received an MA and BA in the field of law. Next he did go to Columbia Law School for his LLM. He has been an associate for Skedden since 2001. He has also worked in Hong Kong. He Co-headed the Asset Raising Team. He developed asset raising strategies along with product development, which is something everybody should read up on from time to time.



As a prominent attorney and capital strategist, Sam Tabar can offer a wealth of knowledge and experience. He has said that if the right decision is to be made there must be research performed. He believes that commodities are all about careful investment and research. He will also make the point that problem products have got to be watched out for. His experience as the former Head of Asia Capital Introduction at Merrill Lynch taught him to know exactly what to look for when it comes to a safer commodity investment. In order to establish a reasonable return on an investment it is essential to avoid poorly managed funds. Sam specializes in Mergers and acquisitions, negotiations, along with general corporate practice. It should be duly noted that Sam Tabar graduated with honors from Oxford.

Hedge Fund Formation

He did counsel clients on hedge fund formation and structure. He did this when he joined Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP as a Senior Associate. This occurred in September 2013. He also provided his wise counsel on management agreements structure, side letters, and placement memoranda.



He does indeed have so many talents and gifts that he offers to the world. It would appear that there will be much more to expect from Sam Tabar. His knowledge and high intelligence will most likely lead to many more accomplishments. His talents are way above average.

A Successful Man; Andrew Heiberger

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Looking for a place to live can be a grueling process, that’s why having the best real estate in the area is essential. You need someone who knows the area, can negotiate a deal, and has a backbone made of steel so at the end of the day you get the residential place you deserve. If you’re looking around Manhattan, New York, Andrew Heiberger is your man!

Andrew Heiberger grew up a family man, working in his family’s business since he was 16-years-old. It was this job that groomed him to become a successful real estate agent, as his family worked in the business of selling and buying land in Long Island, New York. It was also this early life experience that served as a foundation for his educational career, which he ended up earning a bachelor’s degree from University of Michigan and a law degree from the University of Miami, School of Law.

Ten years after he stated working, Andrew Heiberger started his first company at the age of 26. This company is named Citi Habitats, it is a Manhattan-based residential brokerage and he ran the company for ten years until he sold it in 2004 to NRT LLC. NRT LLC is the largest residential real estate brokerage company in the USA.

After selling Citi Habitats, Andrew Heiberger Buttonwood Development, a real estate development, investment and syndication firm in New York City. He paid homage to his childhood by naming the company after the street he grew up on, a tribute to the family history and his experiences growing up in New York and in the land business.

Not satisfied, Andrew Heiberger returned to the brokerage business with the founding of Town Residential, a luxury residential real estate firm, in December 2010. Within a year, the firm was ranked in The Real Deal’s list of top 10 largest residential brokerages in Manhattan. A powerful force in Manhattan residential brokerages, Mr. Heiberger makes sure to have a relationship outside the workforce; he serves as a member of the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) and serves on their Board of Governors. He is also a member of the Young Presidents Organization, the University of Michigan Tri-State Leadership Committee and the New York Bar Association. He is also a philanthropist, and supports a multitude of charities including The Princess Margaret Hospital, The Fresh Air Fund, A Little Hope Foundation, The Max Cure Foundation, The Mann Foundation, The NephCure Foundation, Charna Radbell Foundation, Jewish National Fund, Friars Foundation, 100 Mile Man Foundation, CCFA (Crohns & Colitis Foundation of America), American Heart Association, the University of Michigan Scholarship Fund, The Wildlife Rescue Center of the Hamptons, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Besides being a busy and charitable man, Andrew Heiberger says that his greatest pride isn’t in his work, but in his family. He is a proud father of two children, a son and daughter named Lucas and Nikki, who live with him in New York.