How José Auriemo Neto is Leading JHSF to Success

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The Brazilian real estate firm JHSF is known for achieving many firsts and for making history in the rising South American nation of Brazil. While many people in the United States might not have heard of JHSF, the firm is well known in the real estate industry in Brazil and around the world for being a major player in Latin America’s commercial real estate market. According to the business publication Business of Fashion JHSF was able to build a professional relationship with the Italian high fashion brand Valentino that enabled it to open the very first Valentino storefront in the nation of Brazil. This landmark achievement, which set JHSF apart from other players in the Brazilian real estate market was led by none other than José Auriemo Neto.

José Auriemo Neto is the top executive at JHSF. José Auriemo Neto has served as the chief executive officer of JHSF and has also served the company in his capacity as the chair of the company’s Board of Directors. According to the Business of Fashion’s BoF 500 index, José Auriemo Neto was in charge of leading the company’s efforts to expand into the arena where commercial real estate and retail intersect.

In the United States one could build an argument that would suggest that American commercial real estate is headed toward a decline. This is indicated through the many exposés on the vast, empty buildings that were once shopping malls that are beginning to dot the country. As populations in the United States are increasingly concentrated in and clustered around larger cities, the shopping malls of the suburbs seem to suffer. However in Brazil, an emerging market that contains a growing middle class and thus consumers who are interested in spending their disposable income, there is an opportunity for brick and mortar retailers and subsequently an opportunity for commercial real estate companies. José Auriemo Neto realized this opportunity and as a result of this insight is leading JHSF to success.

Dr. Mark McKenna Aesthetic Product Line

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Dr. Mark McKenna is a doctor turned entrepreneur. Following medical school, Dr. McKenna served for a few years alongside his father at his father’s medical practice. Dr. McKenna invested his earnings building his real estate business.=

Dr. Mark McKenna was a graduate of Tulane School of Medicine. While a medical student, Dr. McKenna served in a local prison. He would perform physicals on prisoners for fifty dollars an hour. He took all of his earnings from this job and invested them. He would buy property in and around New Orleans, Louisiana.

After Hurricane Katrina, Dr. Mark McKenna lost his entire real estate empire. He was in a position to build it back, though. Not long after building his real estate empire back from the ground up, he sold it. He followed his girlfriend to Atlanta, Georgia and has been in existence since.

Shortly after arriving in Atlanta, Dr. Mark McKenna formed an aesthetic product line. He later sold this line to Lifetime fitness and ventured into something new. He took some time off after the sale. He travelled a little and spent time with his newborn daughter.

Dr. McKenna then thought of an aesthetic consulting firm that would hire freelance doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners to ensure that house calls, performing Botox treatments. The service would work much like the Uber concept. Consumers will download a smart phone app and type when they are ready for treatment.

The idea came to Dr. Mark McKenna when he was brainstorming over how to provide patients the best and most personalized services for aesthetics. The company, called OVME, was opened in Atlanta, Georgia on March 1, 2018.

At OVME, enunciated ‘Of Me,’ customers are offered one hundred percent personalized services. Botox room is all private. There are private consultations and private injection room. OVME is far from the typical spa Botox treatment atmosphere.

OVME is only the latest business opportunities created by Dr. Mark McKenna. One that takes the innovative technology of on demand service and a traditional treatment and combines them for the ultimate customer experience. OVME will soon follow on demand throughout the United States.

Telereal Trillium and Graham Edwards- The Building Of Success

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Telereal Trillium is one of the leading Commercial and Investment Portfolio Real Estate firms in the United Kingdom. The company has significantly grown under the leadership of Graham Edwards in the last 15 years. The company was officially founded in 2001 as part of a property outsourcing that transferred significant assets from British Telecomholdings to the newly created Telereal Trillium.

The new company started its portfolio with vast holdings from this newly formed partnership. The main goal of the Telereal Trillium was a focus of building up property values by creating partnerships with other companies to enhance the potential and resources of each individual property within the new portfolio. The partnership with British Telecomholdings now known as BT, was slated to be a 30-year working partnership to advance the holdings, assets and value of the properties within its portfolio. The deal gave its CEO Graham Edwards control of a vast wealth of UK properties. In fact, Trillium acquired a total of 6,700 properties to manage and control with a total floor area of 59.2 million square feet. The deal was worth a total of the £2.38 billion.


Telereal Trillium’s Redevelopment Plan

The focus over the years has been to allow BT to free up some of their investment capital in their holdings and allow Telereal Trillium to redevelop some of their assets. In doing so Edwards could gain value from these properties by new development. Under the guidance of Edwards, they have been able to create a more strategic asset management and development plan of all of the BT properties slated as part of the deal.

The partnership has proved very successful for both parties. Edwards, who was a student of Cambridge in Economics took his position at Telereal Trillium with the intention of building on his previous years of skills he acquired as the Chief Investment Officer at Talisman Global Asset Management. While there he built the company’s assets to nearly £1 billion. He also worked directly with the BT Group as the Head of Finance in their Property Department. Through Graham Edward’s well-placed investments and redevelopment, both companies have gained a significant net value of their property holdings.


What the Tops Suburbs are in the USA According to Samuel Strauch

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Samuel Strauch is a real estate broker, developer, finance and investor. He founded his own realty company called Metrik Real Estate in 2002. Mr. Strauch previously worked in the banking industry before beginning his own real estate development business. Metrik Real Estate is based in Miami Beach, which is where Samuel Strauch also resides.

Mr. Strauch has an extensive background in international business, finance and management. He went to Hofstra University in New York State for his undergraduate degree. His major there was a bachelor degree in international business. Samuel Strauch then went on to study at Erasmus University in the Netherlands and then at Harvard University. His post graduate education was in management and finance.

According to Samuel Strauch, one of the best suburban communities in the nation right now is a part of Denver called Northeast Denver. This section of Denver used to be industrial and commericial. It has now been transformed into a major suburban residential community outside of downtown Denver. The millennial generation is flocking here because home prices are half as expensive as in other parts of the city. Northeast’s Denver real estate market is expanding rapidly and prices for homes are now increasing due to increased demand.

Another top suburban community in the USA right now is a town called Duplin. It is located in the San Francisco Bay area. Duplin has access to Bay Area Rapid Transportation which is perfect for commuters. Lower home prices, cleaner air and local attractions such as Duplin Castle make this community very attractive to millenials looking for a more affordable housing option in the San Francisco Bay area. Click here to know more.

The town of Wylie, outside of Dallas, Texas is another booming suburb. Housing prices are lower than in Dallas and you also get outdoor space for your buck here. Commutes are easy into Dallas from Wylie. Millenials can also enjoy respite from the noise of Dallas here.

Town Residential’s Unbelievable Success

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The goals that Town Residential have set as a real estate agency are extremely unrealistic. They are something that cannot be expected to be achieved in any amount of time, let alone in a short period of just three years. They have, however, hit each and every one of the goals that they have chosen to set for themselves and this has allowed them to have a great deal of extra capital that they are able to spend on the agents who they employ and invest back into the Town Residential real estate business model.


Town has only been in business for three years. This is a short amount of time in the business world and the company is considered to only be starting out. While, in theory, they are just starting out, they are actually more successful than some real estate agencies that have been around for many years. This success is due to the dedication that they have, the industry expertise and the relationships that they have made with clients throughout the city who are able to help them with all of the things that they want to do in the business and real estate world.


The dedication of all of the agents at Town Residential is something that is somewhat of a commodity in the real estate world. Many agents think that their clients will just come to them and that they do not have to do a lot of work to be able to get what they want. While things are somewhat like that in New York City, the Town agents know that they need to make sure that they are giving their all and that they are actively recruiting people to be their clients in the tough market that is New York City real estate.


The agents do not get lax with their practices. They want to make sure that they are the best of the best and they will do anything to get there. They are extremely talented and are professionals in what they do in the truest sense of the word. This has allowed them to be better than what they were in the past and it has given them the chance to see what they need to do to be able to keep the clients that they have and the ones that they want to get in the future. The professionalism of Town agents is incomparable.


While there are many things that are important in the real estate industry, networking is one of the most important things. An agency that has a lot of network contacts and people who they can lean on allows them to feel like they are major players in the market. This is no different for Town Residential. They have worked to partner with huge land developers and have some of the most sought-after contacts in the entire city. They are major players in the New York City real estate market and contacts actually seek them out for real estate needs.

New York Real Estate on the Rise in 2015

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It’s proven to be a great year for the real estate market in New York. In Manhattan, where the median rent price now stands at $3,339, real estate grew 9.5% in the third quarter when compared with the same period in 2014. This is the fastest growth rate in the past seven years, and it’s a positive sign for people involved with the industry.

The markets in Manhattan and Brooklyn are expected to continue to rise. They’re two boroughs that can attract local and international people who want to live in a vibrant area with high-end properties. One in five homes in these areas can be classified as luxury homes.

Experts from Town Residential, a leading NYC luxury real estate services firm, feel that prices will increase in the future because residents are likely to continue to compete to purchase properties. The agency was founded in 2010, and it’s grown significantly in the past five years. It’s led by people who are exceptional visionaries, and the agency has its own development, marketing, leasing, creative, corporate, and sales teams.

The people at Town Residential give each of their clients their personal attention and work hard to build their knowledge of the industry. The firm has been named a “Best Firm to Work For” and one of the “Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York City”.

Investors should feel optimistic as they look ahead to the future. The median resale price in Manhattan is currently $982,958, as reported by Luxury Daily, and the price index in Brooklyn is $545,139. These numbers reflect the popularity of the area with people who are looking for profitable investment properties and have the money to spend.

Greg Hague’s Revolutonizes Home Selling with

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The 990 Company is designed to revolutionize the way that real estate sales are conducted. Those selling a home may find that they pay a commission as low as $990, while agents often get to enjoy collecting their full commissions on sales that they agree to list under a special agreement with the seller.

For sellers, the program is very simple. They contact an agent who is offering their services through the 990 Company. Once they agree to work with the agent, they then conduct their own open houses, and use other methods to sell their property. If the seller finds a buyer, then they introduce them to the agent who helps to close the deal.

For real estate agents, the program is also very simple. They pay a small monthly fee to be the only agent in a zip code offering their services through the 990 sells homes. The agent then advertises their services and waits for sellers to start contacting them. Once a house is listed, then the agent uses their traditional real estate marketing efforts to sell the home, including listing it with the MLS service.

If the seller finds the buyer, then the agent helps to close the deal for $990. Most of the time, however, agents find the buyer in which case they can charge their normal commission. In addition to the possibility of selling the home for the normal commission, many agents find that it is a wonderful marketing program that introduces them to more sellers than ever before. They also find that the program allows them to work in neighborhoods that they have not yet entered.
This revolutionary program was created by Greg Hague who has been working in real estate for over 35 years. In fact, he has spent his entire life working in real estate, since he started working as an assistant to the janitor in his father’s real estate business. Greg studied for and passed the Ohio bar before moving to Arizona. His Prescott, Arizona, real estate brokerage firm was listed as one of the top 100 luxury real estate firms in the United States. Arizona State University also recognized Greg as the top real estate agent in Arizona. He is very much in demand as a keynote speaker on real estate strategies having spoken in almost every state in the United States.